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Capti Assess is an innovative assessment platform that aims to provide fast and accurate reading data. Our ETS assessments (ReadRoutix, ReadBasix, ReadAuthentix) are all based on research and the Science of Reading framework. Explore this page to find video tutorials, quick guides, and manuals.

Video Tutorials

Administering ETS ReadBasix Tutorial

ETS ReadBasix Reports Tutorial

Creating ETS ReadBasix

Student’s View of ReadBasix

Viewing Student Scale, RTI, and Grade level reports

Export ReadBasix Results


We're excited to offer free 90-minute training sessions to help you get started with Capti Assess and ReadBasix. But we don't want to stop there: we also offer personalized meetings to help you interpret your results and turn ReadBasix reports into actionable insights. To book your training session or data review meeting, simply reach out to us at


Our comprehensive manuals provide detailed information on all the functions and options available in Capti Accommodate. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, our manuals are designed to help you navigate Capti Assess with ease and get the most out of your data.

ReadBasix Teacher’s Manual
What’s inside
Master ReadBasix: your comprehensive guide to swiftly evaluating students and analyzing assessment outcomes.
ReadBasix Percentile Tables
What’s inside
The ReadBasix percentile tables facilitate the conversion of ReadBasix scale scores into nationally normed percentiles and vice versa.
ReadBasix Researcher Addendum
What’s inside
The ReadBasix Researcher Addendum answers frequently asked questions by researchers using ReadBasix and lists references to ReadBasix related research.
ReadBasix - Lexile Linking Study
What’s inside
A report on linking ReadBasix Sentence Processing, Reading Efficiency, and Reading Comprehension subtests to the Lexile Framework for Reading.
ReadBasix - Common Core Alignment
What’s inside
Evaluation of the alignment of the ReadBasix item pool to the Common Core state standards for english language arts (ELA).
Capti Admin’s Rostering Manual
What’s inside
Capti Assess deployment and configuration: a technical administrator's guide for school and district implementation.

ReadBasix Quick Guides

Rostering Quick Guides