Capti Assess with ETS® ReadBasix™

A diagnostic reading assessment, based on the Science of Reading, to inform instruction & intervention. Now including Lexile™ measures!

Your NEXT-LEVEL Reading Diagnostic for 3-12

Most reading assessments make you choose among comprehensiveness, accuracy, or speed — you don’t have to with ETS ReadBasix on the Capti Assess platform.

ReadBasix prioritizes an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of 6 key reading skills often overlooked by other assessments. While others merely benchmark students’ reading abilities, we allow you to diagnose them. While others make compromises for speed, we help you save time by letting you choose the skills you want to assess.

Developed over 10 years by ETS literacy researchers, ReadBasix, previously known as RISE or SARA, leverages the Science of Reading to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate evaluation of students' reading abilities. Use ReadBasix for screening, diagnosing, informing your RTI/MTSS strategy, progress monitoring, and matching students to books with Lexile.

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"It works, it’s easy, students like it!"
Zoi Philippakos, Ph.D., Professor, School Board Member
"I love the intervention recommendations!"
Tracy Langlie, M.Ed., Secondary ELA Curriculum Specialist
"I really appreciate the flexibility, length."
David Calamaro, Associate Head/Academic Dean
"It's just: get in, do it, and be done."
David Dawson, Ed.S., High School Principal

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A strong foundation of expertise and reliability

  • Access informative and actionable reports, with over 160 data points for each assessment, including Lexile
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  • Transformative Professional Learning: Our customized offerings include formal professional development sessions, data analysis meetings, virtual coaching, and virtual office hours.
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  • Make a real difference by relying on decades of reading science, instruction, and assessment research
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