Educator Insights

Capti Assess: Insights: What Educators Want from a Reading Assessment

assessment checklist

We administered a survey on what educators really thought about and wanted from their reading assessments. What we learned from the 100+ educators who responded to the survey surprised us, but the most interesting findings were in what educators actually wanted from their assessments.

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Capti Assess: Insights: A Critical Link Found between Decoding and Reading Comprehension

decoding problems

It is a well-known fact that the ability to decode printed texts is critical to reading. It is intuitive that the better your students can decode text, the better their reading comprehension will be. However, until now, no one knew what was the critical decoding threshold below which students would not be able to improve their reading comprehension.

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Capti Assess: Insights: What to Look for in a Diagnostic Reading Assessment

brain diagnostic

As a former teacher, I recall striving to figure out what was causing my students to struggle with reading. I’d review their previous year’s state ELA assessment results and get an overall understanding of where my students fell within reading proficiency. I’d see that my students were highly proficient, proficient, approaching proficient, or below proficient. These four levels told me something about my students, but not enough to identify their strengths and areas of need, so I’d administer a diagnostic reading assessment to find out where I should focus my instruction.

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