About Capti

Capti is a product of Charmtech Labs LLC, an EdTech company based in Buffalo, NY

Our Story

Charmtech Labs was founded in 2010 by computer science professors and Ph.D. students who wanted to commercialize their research and bring their screen-reading technology for blind people to the market. Over the following years we expanded from the assistive technology to the mainstream consumer market, and then to educational market.

Today, we are a team of 20 focused on research and development of Capti, an all-in-one online reading and writing solution. Strategically, from inception, Capti was dedicated to turning cutting edge academic research into beautiful, usable, and innovative products. Capti’s mission is to focus on helping each and every student achieve their maximum potential in reading and writing. But at it’s heart, Capti is still the same small company that strives to go above and beyond for the kids that need the most help.

This is our DNA, and this is our story.

Introducing linking of ETS® ReadBasix™ to MetaMetrics® Lexile® reading measure!
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadRoutix™ released
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadAuthentix™ released
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadBasix™ released
Capti Accommodate and Capti Higher Ed released
Capti goes to LearnLaunch Accelerator
Chrome browser extension is released
Capti expands to EdTech
Capti Personal is released
First Capti app for the blind released
Charmtech Labs LLC is incorporated

Capti Executive Team

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