About Capti

Capti’s mission is to improve learning for students of all abilities with evidence based assessments, interventions, and accommodations.

Our Story

Charmtech Labs LLC is a private for-profit EdTech company founded in 2010 by professors and Ph.D. students who wanted to help people of all abilities to improve their reading. With funding from NSF, NIH, IES, NIDILRR, and investors, they created Capti — a next-generation tool that helps assess, accommodate, and advance reading for everyone. Capti is used in hundreds of schools and colleges in the U.S. and has helped hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide.

Capti is over a decade in the making. It started as a desktop screen-reader app for blind and low-vision people. It then evolved into Capti Personal, an iOS and web application enabling you to listen to everything you want to read. As Capti started spreading across schools and colleges, it gained a lot of new functionalities for educators. In 2017, came the Capti Chrome Browser extension to facilitate reading and listening to web pages. 2019 marks the release of dedicated Capti Accommodate and Capti Higher Ed products focused on the K-12 and University markets.

Having gone through the LearnLaunch Accelerator and having completed hundreds of discovery interviews, we realized that Capti should not only help people read, but also improve reading. We envisioned a comprehensive solution that could assess, advance, and accommodate reading. From a strategic partnership with ETS, the Capti Assess platform was born, integrating multiple reading assessments. We are now working on reading interventions and more.

From the inception, we have been dedicated to turning cutting edge academic research into beautiful, usable, and innovative products. Today, we are a team of 20 doing the same at scale. Capti has a grand mission of helping each and every student achieve their maximum potential. We strive to go above and beyond for the kids that need the most help. This is our DNA, and this is our story.

Introducing linking of ETS® ReadBasix™ to MetaMetrics® Lexile® reading measure!
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadRoutix™ released
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadAuthentix™ released
Capti Assess with ETS® ReadBasix™ released
Capti Accommodate and Capti Higher Ed released
Capti goes to LearnLaunch Accelerator
Chrome browser extension is released
Capti expands to EdTech
Capti Personal is released
First Capti app for the blind released
Charmtech Labs LLC is incorporated

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