Capti Features

  • Liberating

    Convert any webpage with an article, blogpost, or a book to speech

  • Focused

    Listen only to the main content in webpages, skipping ads, menus, and other clutter

  • Intelligent

    Capti will reassemble the articles that are spread across multiple webpages

  • Mobile

    Listen on the road, on the plane, in the gym, on a walk, even when you are offline

  • Personalized

    Choose from many high quality English voices and set your preferred speech rate

  • Organized

    Use the playlist to organize your content, save it for later or listen to it right away

  • Accessible

    Capti works seamlessly with VoiceOver screen-reader

  • Social

    Share content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, via Email or SMS

Find out why People Love Us

Capti exemplifies the vision of universal accessibility: “usable to the maximum extent possible by everyone regardless of their age, ability, or circumstance.”

  • - Long Island Business News

    ...godsend for busy multitaskers.

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    We love your app!

  • - Garrets24601, AppStore Review

    A must have for parents
    I love reading articles, but a soon-to-be-crawling toddler makes it hard. Capti is amazing because it easily reads the articles I want to read.

  • - Detroitmakeovers, AppStore Review

    Thrilled with this app.
    I travel several weeks per month and this app was exactly what I've been looking for. This will change the way I travel. I can listen to pages online!