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  • I can say that CAPTI not only offers solutions for my low vision students but also for many of my students that are represented with multiple disabilities. The ease of navigating throughout the site has allowed the individual student to personalize their specific needs and therefore creating more independence.
  • The flexibility of the software is unparalleled by any other product we have reviewed.
  • Capti does a magical job on processing and OCR on images! Quick smartphone photos become clean and ready to read. Very well done! Kudos to you!
  • Capti just a teacher's dream! It is replacing at least 5 apps we are using now.
  • A student was having difficulty reading articles for her English class, once we put them in Capti she got her missing assignments she'd been working on for weeks caught up in a week.
  • Capti has allowed us to use one concise reader instead of looking for multiple readers to fit the needs of each student.
  • Students are more independent in acquiring and reading the texts they need.
  • I have been able to upload PDF's of long technical articles to read and was able to read a lot more of them for a research internship over the summer to be able to plan how I wanted to structure my project. This helped tremendously and enabled me to be successful in my project.
  • As a migraine sufferer, it has definitely helped; I've used it on both days I have migraine flairs with auroras and as well days I do not have flairs and found it helpful, effective, as well as easy to use.