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How do I get a Bookshare book into my playlist?

When you first log into Capti (through our website, downloaded app, or on iOS), select the green + Track button and then select Bookshare from the list of sources. Log in with your Bookshare credentials (email and password) and you can then browse the categories or search for a book you’d like to read. Click (or tap) on the title of the book and it will begin to import into your Capti playlist.

The books that you have access to are determined by your Bookshare account permissions, if you have any questions about which books are available to you, please contact Bookshare’s support.

How do I synchronize my playlist?

Make sure that you have both of your devices connected to the internet. On the web/desktop version, click on the circular arrow button located next to the green + Track button. On iOS, simply long-drag your finger down the center of the screen, or select the Actions button (...) in the upper right corner of the screen and select Synchronize. Once you’ve synchronized both devices, your playlists and tracks should appear on both.

Why isn’t my PDF loading?

Do you know whether the PDF is accessible? The easiest way to check if it’s accessible is to see whether you can highlight a section of words with your mouse. If it does highlight, then it’s accessible and you’ll be able to load the file from your Local File or Cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) without issue.

If it does not highlight, then it is inaccessible and will need to be OCR-scanned in order to import it into Capti. When you go to upload the file, make sure that you’ve purchased the appropriate number of Capti Coins (1 Coin/Page), and check off the box that says “Convert scanned image or PDF using OCR”. You will then be able to import the document and have it read to you in Capti.