Capti Pricing

Starting from $300 for 10 students per year

Capti for educational institutions is a multi-license account for K-12 and Higher Ed.

  • Price scales down rapidly with more students
  • Purchase for a group of students or sitewide
  • Enjoy unlimited Teacher and Faculty licenses
  • PO and credit card purchases are accepted

Free with in-app purchases

Capti Personal is a single-user product for reading e-books, documents, and web pages on the go or at home, hands‑free or hands-on. Not intended for educational institutions.

Capti Personal

In-App Purchases

  • Advanced features: Pemium Plan subscription at $2.99 / month or $29.99 / year.
  • Premium Voices for iOS starting from $1.99 for a one time purchase
  • Premium Voices for online use at $5.99 / month or $29.99 / year subscription
  • OCR and dictation services: pay-per-use Capti Coins starting from $4.99

Which one is right for you?

Educational Institutions Personal Use
Capti Library core: accessible reader and organizer, Chrome browser extension, iOS app
Translations, definitions, annotations, and more advanced features With Premium Plan subscription
Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Dictation Pay-per-use
Premium high-quality voices for listening to Capti Library content and webpages One-time or subscription fee
Site-wide control over student access to in-app purchases, dictation, dictionary
Sharing of custom content with students
Assigning work and exams with personalized accommodations and progress monitoring
Delivering tests within a secure browsing environment
Reading assessments, diagnostic reports, recommendations
Import and management of student roster and classes
Integration with school tools, such as LMS, single sign-on, etc.
Professional development training, dedicated support line, user manuals for educators

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Capti Assess measure/test?

    Capti Assess measures the five foundational reading skills and reading comprehension. The five skills are, Word Recognition and Decoding, Vocabulary, Morphology, Sentence Processing, and Reading Efficiency.

  • How long does Capti Assess take to complete?

    Capti Assess can be taken one subtest at a time, all at once, or in some combination. All except 1 subtest take about 7-9 minutes to complete, counting the time to read the instructions and do a few practice questions. Reading comprehension subtest takes a bit longer, about 30 minutes. All subtests together will take about 45-75 minutes to complete, depending on a student. This time investment enables Capti Assess to be the most thorough and accurate diagnostic assessment to date.

  • How often should you administer?

    It is recommended to administer the entire assessment seasonal. 3 times a year to measure progress.