Capti Pricing

Starting from $500 per year

for a multi-license account for K-12 and Higher Ed.

  • Price scales down rapidly with more students
  • Purchase for a group of students or sitewide
  • Enjoy unlimited Teacher and Faculty licenses
  • PO and credit card purchases are accepted

Free with optional in-app purchases

Capti Personal is a single-user product for reading e-books, documents, and web pages on the go or at home, hands‑free or hands-on. Not intended for educational institutions.

Capti Personal

In-App Purchases

  • Advanced features: Premium Plan subscription at $2.99 / month or $29.99 / year.
  • Premium Voices for iOS starting from $1.99 for a one time purchase
  • Premium Voices for online use at $5.99 / month or $29.99 / year subscription
  • OCR and dictation services: pay-per-use Capti Coins starting from $4.99

Which one is right for you?

Educational Institutions Personal Use
Capti Library core: accessible reader, Chrome browser extension, iOS app Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed
Premium high-quality text-to-speech voices for listening to Capti Library content, webpages, test content, assessment directions One-time or subscription fee
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of images and scanned PDF documents Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed Pay-per-use
Translation (100+ languages) and dictionary word definitions with automatic phrase and part of speech detection Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed With Premium Plan subscription
Text bookmarks, comments, highlights and more advanced Capti Library features Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed With Premium Plan subscription
Speech to text dictation for active reading, commenting and search Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed Pay-per-use
Site-wide control over student access to in-app purchases, dictation, dictionary
Sharing of any file with students: PDF, ePub, DOC(X), and much more. Capti Accommodate & Higher Ed
Assigning work and tests with progress monitoring and personalized accommodations
Delivering tests within a secure browsing environment
ETS® ReadRoutix™: fast screening of reading skills for a personalized diagnostic path Capti Assess
ETS® ReadBasix™: assessment of foundational reading skills with subtest selection Capti Assess
ETS® ReadAuthentix™: scenario-based assessment of advanced reading skills Capti Assess
Detailed on-screen reports and progress charts, report printing and export
Import and management of student roster and classes
Integration with school tools, such as LMS, single sign-on, etc.
Professional development, product training, dedicated support line, user manuals for educators

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just want to use Capti with 1-3 students. What should I buy?

    You always have the option of purchasing a few Premium Personal accounts. (See next (Personal Use) tab. We suggest our organization accounts for educational purposes as it allows you to add faculty accounts for free (unlimited faculty accounts).

  • Is there a difference between the organization version (Capti Accommodate, Capti Assess, Capti Higher Ed) and personal account?

    Yes! The organization account allows you to add unlimited assistants, teachers and administrators. You also have the ability to create secure assignments, track reading activity reports, and view all student annotations. There is so much more available as well, click here to meet with our sales team to see a personalized demo.

  • Can you buy multiple products at once? (Capti Accommodate, and Capti Assess)

    Yes, we encourage everyone to at the very least explore the other products we offer on our platform. All products are accessed via, allowing administrators and teachers to manage reading accommodations and assessments in the same convenient location.

  • How do you access these products once purchased (Capti Accommodate, Higher Ed, Assess, etc.)?

    All Capti products are accessible via, all major web browsers are supported.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No. All the feels are negotiated upfront and contractually locked. Neither you nor your students will need to pay anything extra for the purchased products and services. Faculty or students (if enabled) may choose to subscribe to additional text-to-speech voices for an extra fee.

  • Is Capti Assess limiting the number of assessments that can be administered?

    No. Our business model is an annual contract for a limited number of student licenses. We do not charge additional fees based on number of assessment administrations, and do not restrict the number of administrations in any other way.

  • Is training and support included in the cost?

    Yes. We provide training, customer support, and documentation free of charge for all our clients.

  • Can you add a feature if I asked for it?

    Yes! We will gladly add features requested by our clients, and try to do so expediently and with consideration of the feature’s urgency.

  • How can I sign up for a Capti Premium Personal Account?

    You need to sign up for a free account by clicking on Sign Up -> Personal Use. Once you have logged in to your free account, click on the Upgrade button at the top.

  • Are premium Voices included in the Premium subscription?

    No, Capti Premium plan does not include premium voices. The voices are owned by their manufacturers and they set a small subscription fee to use premium voices. (Fee depends on the manufacturer)

  • Why am I being asked to buy Capti Coins if I already have the Premium plan?

    Capti requires Capti Coins if you want to use Optical Character Recognition ( 1 coin per page) or Speech-to-Text features.

  • Can you add a feature if I asked for it?

    Yes! We will gladly add features requested by our clients, and try to do so expediently and with consideration of the feature’s urgency.