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The easiest and most economical solution to make e-books, documents, webpages, and tests accessible for college students, faculty, and staff

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Improve retention and productivity

  • Improve reading productivity for all faculty and students, and level the playing field for students who need to catch up
  • Provide accommodations to students with print disabilities and ESL students; address ADA & Sec. 504 compliance
  • Implement for independent or classroom use, in person or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously

Help students read & listen to webpages

  • Students can listen to web pages with high quality text to speech and use comprehensive visual modifications, right on the web page
  • Students can look up English definitions and translations (100+ languages) of words without leaving the web page
  • Students can save web pages to Capti to read later without ads and all other visual clutter. Or you can do it for them, and share the content with them in Capti

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Make any file accessible for students and faculty

  • Make any documents accessible (Pdf, Word, Epub, images), from your computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, Bookshare, etc.
  • Enable auditory learners strategies: students can listen to texts with best quality Text-to-Speech voices
  • Enable students to make visual modifications to documents and focus on college level reading comprehension
  • Give students active reading and reference tools, e.g., definitions, translation, highlights, comments, wordlists

Listen to samples of premium voices

Organize and share your documents

  • Share accessible annotated content with individual students or custom student groups
  • Share to Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, or with a smart link, even to individual pages
  • Organize and share accessible annotated content with individual teachers, the entire school, or district

Turn your documents into activities

  • Create formal reading and writing assignments or tests from any document, provide directions, and set a time limit
  • Quickly personalize fine-grained accommodations and permissions for each or all activities
  • Administer activities asynchronously or with real-time monitoring; use scheduling and secure browser
  • Review student activity, such as highlights, comments, wordlists, time spent listening or dictating, and more.

Enjoy fully accessible reading and writing

  • Read or listen, type or dictate, personalize your reading experience to fit you need or circumstance
  • Control Capti with the mouse, touch, keyboard shortcuts, or off-the-shelf eye trackers
  • Use Capti with JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver screen-readers to enhance blind and low-vision reading

Accessibility conformance report (VPAT)

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Testimonials by university administrators & students

  • Students are more independent in acquiring and reading the texts they need.
  • Students have been able to access their textbooks faster and can take them anywhere a student with a hardcopy book would.
  • Sharing playlists is very user friendly with Capti. Capti has become my first choice in sharing accessible materials with students approved for audio for course text.
  • Our students have found Capti to be so useful, and continue to express their satisfaction.
  • Capti has allowed us to use one concise reader instead of looking for multiple readers to fit the needs of each student.
  • I have a student that prefers to use human readers for all of their exams. After a few weeks of having access to the Capti software, they now are using Capti only for their exam. They like the ability to adjust the voices and the rate of speed.
  • I can let it read to me and as I listen I can follow along and it has been a blessing. I understand it a little better when it is read to me!
  • With this program, I have been able to cover all the material provided for my classes and be prepared for class.
  • Before Capti I struggled with my reading and Capti has made it easier for me to understand.
  • 'The ability to listen to texts as I read them is very beneficial for someone with my physical limitations.
  • I have been able to upload PDF's of long technical articles to read and was able to read a lot more of them for a research internship over the summer to be able to plan how I wanted to structure my project. This helped tremendously and enabled me to be successful in my project.
  • I get my reading assignments done faster.
  • Without Capti, I would not be able to complete my reading assignments in time. This program helps me keep up with my studies and my class.
  • Because of Capti I have been able to get my reading assignments done on time for the first time in my entire life!
  • About two years ago, after I separated from the military I started suffering from vision impairment. My college disability counselor suggested using Capti as a tool to help overcome visual problems. It allowed me to remain in college and continue to pursue my degree.
  • As a migraine sufferer, it has definitely helped; I've used it on both days I have migraine flairs with auroras and as well days I do not have flairs and found it helpful, effective, as well as easy to use.
  • Really helped me during my concussion when I could not read
  • I studied with it and got a hundred on my test. Voice is clear when placed on the right speed. Was a great help.
  • I am a VERY slow reader and I often have to reread passages to make sure I understood what the author was trying to say. Capti voice speeds my process up and helps give me the learning aid I need.
  • I am able to read articles and textbooks. My classes are only 7 weeks long which makes it stressful in staying on track with reading but with Capti I have been able to stay on top of reading that follow along with my weekly assignments.
  • I can listen to my text book when I have to multitask like getting dinner ready.
  • I have been able to have a higher motivation to actually read my textbooks.
  • Capti helps me get through my chapters and not get so overwhelmed by trying to physically read them. Once the pressure is off, I can read along with Capti or just listen to it.
  • Reading my essays I write, and helping me catch some errors I otherwise wouldn't catch.

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