Capti Accommodate

An all-in-one solution to accommodate and support reading, as well as address learning loss for all K-12 students

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Trusted by K-12 schools across the nation

Make reading accessible and engaging

  • Improve productivity and engagement for all students; level the playing field for students who have fallen behind
  • Provide IEP & Sec. 504 accommodations to English Language learners (ELs) and students with learning and print disabilities
  • Implement for independent or classroom use, in person or remotely, synchronously or asynchronously

Help students read any webpage

  • Listen to web pages with high quality text to speech; and use comprehensive visual modifications
  • Define words in English and translate words and passages to over 100 languages
  • Save webpages to Capti to read later on the computer, iPhone, or iPad

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Make documents accessible and engaging

  • Make any file accessible (Pdf, Word, Epub, images), from your computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, Bookshare, etc.
  • Enable students to listen to texts with the best quality text to speech and use comprehensive visual modifications
  • Provide students with active reading tools and scaffolding to help with reading comprehension strategies and activities e.g., definitions, translation, highlights, comments, wordlists

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Organize and share your documents

  • Share accessible annotated content with individual students or custom student groups
  • Share your content to Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom, or share a smart link
  • Organize and share your content with individual teachers, the entire school, or district

Turn your documents into activities

  • Create formal reading and writing assignments or tests from any document, provide directions, and set a time limit
  • Quickly personalize fine-grained accommodations and permissions for each or all activities
  • Administer activities asynchronously or with real-time monitoring; use scheduling and a secure browser
  • Review student activity, such as highlights, comments, wordlists, time spent listening or dictating, and more

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Testimonials by K-12 educators

  • Groups of 3rd and 4th grade students with a reading disability were reading books that their peers were reading and excited talking about the story, character and details.
  • Students have the test read to them as many times as needed and don't feel ashamed.
  • Capti enables me to engage students with higher level texts and allow them to access materials they would not be able to access otherwise.
  • We normally do small-group, round-robin reading for our weekly story. I uploaded pictures of the book to Capti so my students listened to the book independently.
  • A student who reads at a beginning 1st grade level is able to read an on-grade level book (5th grade) by using Capti Voice. He is excited about listening to the book, and motivated to do so.
  • Students who have Capti are motivated to read more during independent reading time.
  • A student who requires tests to be read aloud has been able to work independently much more often.
  • It leads to self-sufficiency and better attention from those with special needs. They can do the same work as others without an obvious modification like a teacher reading the material to them individually. This also frees up time for the teacher.
  • A student was having difficulty reading articles for her English class, once we put them in Capti she got her missing assignments she'd been working on for weeks caught up in a week.
  • I have a student that is very bright and reads above grade level. This sometimes means that she is reading some more complex text and there are sometimes multi-syllabic words that she struggles with - that doesn't happen any more!
  • I have learners that are more than two grade levels below able to read content and understand concepts within our science and social studies units.
  • Reluctant readers are happy to listen to stories and it makes note taking less tedious for them as well.
  • Capti just a teacher's dream! It is replacing at least 5 apps we are using now.
  • Capti does a magical job on processing and OCR on images! Quick smartphone photos become clean and ready to read. Very well done!

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