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Student-Led Instruction

A common goal for many teachers is to facilitate a student-led learning environment. The more the students are engaged in the material the better the students’ overall understanding of the material. By encouraging students teaching each other, they have the opportunity to explain what they know better than with a purely instructor-led course. In order for this to occur the lessons should be adapted to the needs of the individuals, and the structure and pacing should allow for student reflection and closure.

students teaching
Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
Encouraging students to work independently Capti’s built-in supports promote independent work despite learning disabilities. [Learn more about how Capti helps support student-led instruction | Student-Led Instruction]
Getting all of your students the materials they need every day It’s simple to use Capti to distribute materials to any number of students and facilitate a student-led middle school/student-led highschool; just add content from various integrated sources to a playlist and share that playlist with your students with a few clicks.
Differentiating Instruction Easily individualize content to each student’s needs using Capti’s text-to-speech, visual speech-tracking and more. [Learn more about how Capti helps support differentiated instruction | Differentiated Instruction]

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