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Gifted Students with Learning Needs (GSLN)

Students are considered "gifted" when their ability in some areas of study is significantly above the norm for their age. According to research, 14% of those gifted students has a learning disability (compared to 4% of their peers). Such students are known as Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities, Gifted Students with Special Needs, Twice Exceptional Learners, etc. Twice exceptional learners can be divided into three broad categories: those that have been identified as gifted but not diagnosed with a learning disability, those who’s learning disability was diagnosed but its severity made their talents undetected, and finally the largest group: children that have been identified as neither gifted nor disabled because their talents and disabilities cancel each other out.

Twice exceptional learners are an often underserved population because, first, many of them remain undetected due to the reasons outlined above, and second, because they require both the support that a student with a learning disability needs, as well as more of a challenge in certain areas of study that they are gifted in. This can be a dilemma for an already overwhelmed teacher who now has to provide even more attention to this population of their class.

Because of Capti’s focus on helping both disabled and non-disabled students, twice exceptional learners can take charge of their education, even if their disabilities or abilities haven’t been detected. Using Capti they will have access to reading materials, reading supports as well as a variety of vocabulary-building and reading comprehension tools that are usually reserved only to disabled or only to the more advanced students. Capti is a universally accessible reading support tool that can be used across student populations.

Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
Accelerated programs can often be stressful for twice exceptional learners because they still require learning disability support. Gifted students can use Capti’s text-to-speech, text customization, and active reading tools to support their accelerated curriculum.
Twice exceptional learners are often not challenged by their curriculum and can become bored in class. Capti’s Word Challenge Game gives students the opportunity to get more out of their reading assignments by testing their comprehension at whichever level they choose.
Undiagnosed twice exceptional learners may need special help with their disability and additional challenge in their areas of strength, but will receive neither. Capti’s variety of supports enable twice exceptional learners to discover the supports they need on their own.
Learning disabilities can prevent twice exceptional learners from reading books outside of the curriculum as they’d have to be made accessible for them. Capti’s variety of integrated sources (including Bookshare) as well as the option of using your own reading materials with Capti provide students with a variety of accessible reading material to feed their interests.

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