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English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL), otherwise known as English Language Development (ELD) instruction, is a separate area of study that draws subjects and reading materials from other areas of instruction to bolster english language comprehension. ESL students make up a larger percentage of college attendees than ever before and have brought ESL teaching strategies to the forefront of education. In order to learn successfully alongside their native English-speaking classmates, foreign-born students need to improve their english reading and listening comprehension skills. Lectures, reading materials, assignments all require a strong mastery of the language and special ESL learning strategies.

Capti Voice supports for ESL learning strategies include the translation and definition of words and phrases, text-to-speech support for documents in all popular formats, control over speech rate and sophisticated text navigation controls, among other things. These tools are invaluable in helping ESL students keep up with reading assignments and maximizing their understanding. ESL teaching can be challenging for both students and teachers, but Capti allows those students to take control of their education by utilizing tools when they need them. There’s no need to waste time with special ESL lesson plans when the students can use Capti to make the general education lesson plans fit their needs.

Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
ESL students need to practice their listening comprehension skills. With Capti, ESL students can practice their listening comprehension skills by listening to their own reading materials, be it english learning assignments or reading materials from any other class they are taking. Capti supports the import of documents in all popular document formats including PDF and DOCX and integrates with popular clouds services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
ESL students may struggle with the independent reading assignments expected in a higher ed class. Capti can translate entire paragraphs, individual words, or phrases into 100+ languages. Unique to Capti is the ability to take ther word’s context into consideration when performing translation: word’s part of speech, tense, etc. Capti can even detect if the word is being used as a part of an idiom or a phrase and provide translation for the entire phrase instead.
It can be difficult to build vocabulary in a natural way to help in future reading and writing assignments. Our Word List feature allows ESL students to create a unique study list of words attached to a specific track in a playlist. They can write in their own definitions to help them study in a more personalized way.

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