Capti Solutions for Education


Many students entering college or university require accommodations and modifications to get the most out of their academic experience. There are many different types of accommodations for students with learning disabilities that range from special software and platforms to hardware and switch systems. What important to note about accommodations is that they don’t change the actual content or performance expectations, just the way that the information is presented.

Capti Voice includes modifications for students such as having the option for a larger print size, increasing contrast of the words on a page, and using text-to-speech. Capti goes beyond special education accommodations by not only offering in-app modifications, but by integrating with Bookshare. Capti also grants qualifying students the opportunity to read general education books on their own and maintain their academic independence.

Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
Students with special needs requiring font/color adjustment in order to read an assignment accurately Capti offers in-app modifications that can be customized by the student to best fit their needs.
More time is needed for struggling readers in order to increase comprehension Capti’s text-to-speech capability allows the student to listen to what they want to read and increases comprehension and independence while reading
Students may require read-to accommodations during an assignment or assessment. Capti’s Assessments feature allows teachers to upload the test attached to a playlist so students can listen to their reference materials, enter their answers into Capti, and even listen to their own answers to go over them.

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