Capti Solutions for Education

Inclusive Classrooms

The definition of an inclusion classroom is one which gives special needs students the opportunity to learn alongside their peers in age appropriate, general education classrooms. Each child is supported to learn, contribute, and participate in all aspects of life and education within an inclusion class. The goal is to create and develop schools, classrooms, programs, and activities that will encourage students to learn and participate together.

Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
Intimidation for any general education teacher Collaborate with co-teachers or special education colleagues in Capti via email messaging and by distributing content.

Use Capti as a way to accommodate your students’ specific needs
Finding and juggling tools or strategies to help fill the existing gap An inclusion classroom challenge is that there too many tools that provide too little support. Capti is an all-in-one literacy solution that provides students and teachers with a platform for making their curriculum content more accessible.
Creating a student-led environment It is the inclusion classroom teacher’s responsibility to create a student-led environment. Capti’s built-in supports promote independent work despite student disabilities. [Learn more about how Capti helps support student-led instruction | Student-Led Instruction]
Differentiating Instruction Easily individualize content to each student’s needs using Capti’s text-to-speech, visual speech-tracking, keyboard navigation and more. [Learn more about how Capti helps support differentiated instruction | Differentiated Instruction]
Finding and Distributing content successfully to the variety of student populations existing within the classroom It’s simple to use Capti to find and distribute materials to any number of students; just add content from various integrated sources (e.g, Bookshare) to a playlist and share that playlist with your students with a few clicks.

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