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Dyslexia is a neurobiological language-based learning disability which is characterized by a variety of symptoms. These include difficulties in reading comprehension, reading fluency, spelling, decoding, speech, memorizing sequences and memorization of facts without ties to prior experiences. Dyslexia in children and in adults alike is a lifelong condition but not an insurmountable obstacle and in some cases can even be advantage, for example when recalling experiences, locations or faces.

Capti helps students with dyslexia develop valuable language skills in many ways: Capti will read materials out loud and use a highlighter to show the current reading position in text.Capti also makes it easier to read what’s on the screen by offering a variety of fonts and colors to increase contrast and ground the words on the page in addition to providing many other comprehension tools.

Biggest Challenges Capti’s Solutions
Dyslexia in children may lead to a lack the confidence of their peers as they struggle to read assigned materials. Students are able to use the text-to-speech function and choose from a variety of premium voices.
Students may fall behind on their assignments due to their struggle processing language and inability to use their active reading strategies to help with understanding. Students are able to annotate, bookmark and chose from a variety of highlighting colors on any piece of content. All highlights, annotations, and bookmark can be exporting out of Capti as a text file and can be printed.
Most public schools are ill-equipped to give dyslexic students the specialized attention they need in order to succeed. Cap Capti allows each individual student to get the accommodations they need to increase reading fluency while viewing the same materials as the rest of their peers.
Students have difficulty reading the specific font sizes and at times the materials distributed in class does not have the ability be customized to fit the students needs. Capti allows each individual student to customize their text. Capti offers a font called “OpenDyslexic” to help ground the would increasing the readability. The color theme, text width and speech tracking can all be customized as well.
The teacher may move onto another concept not knowing that it may take a student with dyslexia longer than expected to read an assignment. Cap Students are able to adjust their speech rate to their desired setting. Each piece of content is timed based on the speech rate set by the student, giving teachers the ability to plan accordingly.
Teachers struggle to find the time to make the appropriate accommodations to existing materials before distributing the content to the a student. Capti playlist sharing feature allows teachers to choose who they wish to distribute their content to, which creates less work for both the student and the teacher.

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