Capti Assess Testimonials of ReadBasix Practitioners

Hear what education practitioners have to say about Capti Assess. Note that sometimes Capti Assess is referred to as RISE, SARA, ReadReady, and ReadBasix. All those names refer to the same product: Capti Assess powered by ETS ReadBasix.

  • Sonja Brookins-Santelises

    Chief Academic Officer, Baltimore City Public Schools, MD

    "Teachers said initially: 'Wow, I haven’t got information like this!' Something interesting is the number of teachers who said, 'Wow, I didn’t realize I could get information on all these different aspects of how kids read!'...”

    “In a lot of ways [Capti Assess] helped to not only provide teachers with information but to instruct teachers and build their knowledge of how young people become proficient readers, even at a more advanced level...”

    “Far more refined than our current state test, and a data point they will have much earlier because of the flexibility and testing window, they’ll actually have the summer with 8th grade reading data that [Capti Assess] provides to do planning and scheduling. We use this data for placement, etc...”

  • Kelley Curley

    Literacy Coach, Boston Public Schools, MA

    “[Capti Assess] gives us those 6 subsets or cores of understanding that a good reader needs...”

    “Best part of [Capti Assess] test is the comprehensive data it provides in such a short amount of time, we were able to identify which students were struggling and in which specific areas...”

    “Teachers like [Capti Assess] because start to finish teachers only lost 55-75 minutes of lesson time for wonderful and useful data...”

  • Sara Henschell

    Teacher, Baltimore City Public Schools

    “State/City data didn’t provide any detailed information as to why our students were struggling to read...”

    “[Capti Assess] allowed us to find where students were struggling, group them, and provide targeted instruction...”

  • Catherine Pacilio

    Study skills teacher, Seattle Academy, WA

    “I love how the skills were broken down...”

    “Process overall was easy, students could sign in with gmail accounts...”

    “Students could stop and start assessments at any time. This helped with some students who don’t have the stamina for the whole test...”

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