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Reading is a complex skill that can break down in a number of ways, inhibiting students’ growth toward becoming proficient readers. Researchers identified five foundational skills that build upon one another contributing to proficient reading comprehension.

If left unaddressed, weaknesses in any one of these five skills will slow students’ growth and may prevent students from ever catching up with their peers. When teachers know which of the skills their students are struggling with, teachers can plan an effective individual learning path and administer a targeted intervention that will help students improve faster.

Capti Assess offers 6 subtests to assess the 5 foundational reading skills and reading comprehension. Capti Assess offers 3 levels of difficulty that are automatically personalized to the level of the student. The entire battery takes students 45-60 min on average and up to 84 minutes if timed. It is recommended that the battery be administered in 2 or more sessions.

The subtests can be administered together or separately, remotely or in class. Capti Assess should be used 3 times a year for benchmarking and once a month in RTI settings. Teachers can assign Capti Assess reading assessments in Capti™, or via Google Classroom, Schoology®, Canvas, Blackboard®. Request a demo to see how easy it is to set up Capti Assess in your LMS.

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