Capti Assess ReadBasix Reports

Capti Assess provides instant reports on the performance of individual students as well as student groups. The reports can be used both for accountability and to help teachers identify areas of need. The reports can be used to inform an IEP and RTI Tier assignment, as well as help personalize instruction for individual students. Teachers and administrators can view Capti Assess reports online, print reports, or export them to a spreadsheet.

  • Get nationally-normed percentile report with RTI Tier 1-3 suggestions

    Examine students’ nationally-normed percentiles and get RTI Tier assignment suggestion. Student's percentile is computed for the grade selected when the assignment was administered. Student's tier is computed based on the percentile, as follows:

    • Tier 1: percentile 25th - 100th
    • Tier 2: percentile 10th - 25th
    • Tier 3: percentile 1st - 10th
  • Get grade equivalence reports to see where your students stand

    See how many students are at or above grade level, how many are behind, and how many are substantially behind. Student's score that is closest to the 50th percentile of grade shown in the report. The grade equivalence report is computed for grades 3-10.

  • Get scale score report for in-house statistical analysis

    View scores on an absolute scale, split into quartiles by reading proficiency. Click on the individual quartile in the bar chart to learn more about it. Export scores for in-house statistical analysis.

  • Get individual student reports

    Get individual student reports with overall and per-skill performance summary. Student reports collect everything known about individual student's reading skills in one place.

  • Get level-appropriate activity recommendations

    Get recommendations for the activity useful in improving each student's reading skills. The recommendations are generated based on student's performance in individual subtests

  • Review history of student's reading assessments

    Review list of reading assessments previously submitted by the student, past detailed reports and recommendations.

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