Capti Assess with ETS® ReadBasix™

A diagnostic reading assessment
to inform instruction & intervention,
as well as address learning loss

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6 quick reading level tests for key reading skills

  • A reading assessment for elementary and beyond, tested and normed for grades 3-12
  • Choose what skills to assess and reassess as needed: one skill, two, or all six at once
  • Difficulty level is automatically personalized on a per-skill basis

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Instant, informative, actionable reports

  • Understand the areas of strength and weakness to drive instruction
  • Get nationally normed percentiles and grade level equivalency
  • Get score profiles, interpretations, and RTI Tier 1-3 suggestions
  • Use level-appropriate instructional activity recommendations

Examine sample reports

Screening, benchmarking, diagnosing, & monitoring

  • Benchmark all students 2-3 times a year remotely or in person, synchronously or asynchronously
  • Screen ES students with vocabulary & morphology, MS and HS students — with reading comprehension
  • Diagnose the foundational skills with Subtests 1-5 when reading comprehension is below grade level
  • Monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention on specific skills every 4 weeks

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A solid foundation of rigorous research

  • Based on 20+ years of reading science, instruction, and assessment research
  • One of the most researched diagnostic tools with 11 peer-reviewed publications
  • Trusted by education researchers as a sensitive measure of key reading skills

Review research findings

A history of reliability and consistency

  • Consistent with the National Reading Panel’s conclusions and recommendations
  • Created with grants from the Institute of Education Sciences, SERP Institute, Carnegie, & Lila Wallace
  • Administered hundreds of thousands of times with K-12 students and adults in the U.S. and abroad

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  • Clever
  • Canvas
  • Schoology
  • Google Classroom
  • Blackboard


  • Using the Science of Reading to Develop Foundational Reading Skills and Comprehension

  • Combatting Learning Loss: Assess, Accommodate, and Accelerate Reading

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