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  • Assess and improve six foundational reading skills
  • Provide accommodations to to struggling readers

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ETS RISE Reading Assessment

Educational Testing Services, the creator of SAT, GRE, & TOEFL, have developed RISE, a unique reading assessment that helps answer the question: WHY are students struggling to read?

RISE is aligned with the Common Core and is recommended for grades 3-12. RISE has already been taken by over 100k students across the U.S., so national averages are available.

RISE assesses the following 6 foundational reading skills:

  1. Word recognition and decoding
  2. Vocabulary meaning & semantic relationship
  3. Morphological awareness
  4. Sentence processing
  5. Efficiency of basic reading comprehension
  6. Reading comprehension

3-Step Guide to Improving Foundational Reading Skills

Capti Voice Literacy Support Platform

Capti Voice levels the playing field for students of all abilities from Special Ed. to AP, from ELs to LOTE. Capti Voice helps teachers personalize reading and support a diverse classroom.

With Capti, teachers can quickly make any content interactive and accessible, deliver it directly to their students, and more. Capti Voice helps improve literacy and maintain compliance.

Capti Voice is integrating with RISE to provide:

  1. Score reports per student, class, and grade
  2. Your and national percentiles for score comparison
  3. Specific RTI recommendations for each student
  4. An assortment of RTI tools to help students improve
  5. Reading accommodations for students who need them
  6. Ability to measure and prevent summer slide in reading

Learn more: RISE Reading Assessment in Capti Voice

Selected Videos of Capti Voice

Capti Voice Overview for Students
Introduction to Capti Voice + ETS
Capti Voice Google Chrome Extension

Who is using Capti?

Capti is used in K-12 school districts across the country, such as NYC Department of Education, NYS BOCES, Los Angeles Unified School District in California, Cherry Creek School District in Colorado, Pascack Valley Regional High School District in New Jersey, Fairfield School District in Connecticut, and many more.

"I have learners more than two grade levels below able to read content and understand concepts within our science and social studies units," – Jennifer Simicich,
Teacher, Shoreham-Wading River School District

Distinguished National and International Awards

  • Department of Education Award
    Dept. of Education Award
  • NSF Award
    NSF Award
  • NIH Award
    NIH Award
  • NIDILRR Award
    NIDILRR Award
  • MIT Innovator Under 35 Award
    MIT Innovator Under 35 Award
  • EdTech Digest: Best Special Needs Solution of 2017
    Best Special Needs Solution
  • FCC Chairman's Award
    FCC Chairman's Award
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