Capti Higher Ed. Support

Capti Higher Ed. is an all-in-one solution to support and accommodate reading for college students, faculty, and staff. Explore this page to find video tutorials, quick guides, and manuals.

Video Tutorials

Navigating the Library Tab in Capti

Uploading and Sharing Documents

Administer an Assignment in a Secure Browser Environment

Capti Assignments Tutorial

Capti Speech to Text Tutorial

Capti Chrome Extension Tutorial


Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Capti offers 1 hour training sessions, free of charge. Sessions are delivered over Zoom. Please reach out to to book your session today.


Our comprehensive manuals provide detailed information on all the functions and options available in Capti Higher Ed. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, our manuals are designed to help you navigate Capti Higher Ed with ease.

Capti Higher Ed: Instructor's Manual
What’s inside
A comprehensive guide to Capti Higher Ed: assign homework and tests, aid students in using accommodations, review student's annotations.
Capti Higher Ed: Shortcuts
What’s inside
Capti Higher Ed shortcut reference manual.
Capti Admin's Rostering Manual
What’s inside
Capti Higher Ed deployment and configuration: a technical administrator's guide for school and district implementation.

Rostering Quick Guides