Capti PersonalFrequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What does it cost?

    Capti personal premium plan costs $2.99 a month, we have 1, 6, and 12 month subscription plans available. Premium Voices and Capti Coins are not included in the premium plan and must be purchased separately.

  • How can I access Capti?

    Capti can be accessed via a browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) or on our iOS application.

  • What does Capti do?

    Capti allows you to upload documents and process them into customizable text-to-speech documents that allow you to highlight, take notes, translate, define, manipulate the text, and much more.

  • Does Capti provide content?

    Capti does not provide any native content. All content must be uploaded to Capti by the user.

  • Can I download an audio file with Capti?

    Capti does not offer an audio export option. All Capti documents must be listened to in Capti.

  • Can I use Capti offline?

    The web version of Capti requires an active internet connection. The iOS application for Capti supports offline listening.

  • Can I use Capti to narrate my YouTube videos? Does it provide voiceover services?

    Capti does not offer voiceover services and thus you can not use Capti to provide narration for any media, including YouTube videos.

  • How can I use Capti, what devices does it work on?

    Capti can be accessed on any major browser, or on our iOS application. Any device that has access to a web browser and the internet can use Capti.

  • Can I use Capti for free?

    Capti’s basic text-to-speech is free. Capti’s paid plans provide all of the extra features and accommodations. Free accounts are not designed for educational purposes.

    Note: Premium Voices and Capti Coins are not included in the premium plan.

  • Can I use Capti with my students?

    Capti offers school organization accounts that come with multiple licenses. Please contact us at for more information. You can use Capti personal accounts with students, but we can not sign LEA agreements without an organization account purchase.

  • Does Capti work with math?

    Capti works with word problems and other materials easily read by AI. Graphs and complex equations are difficult for any AI to understand, including the one used by Capti.

  • Can Capti read in Spanish, French, and Mandarin?

    Capti will read Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Korean, and many other languages. You need to have access to a voice in that language (pre-installed or subscription from us or another service) and the document needs to start in the language. Capti detects the first language in the document and translates the entire document into that language. This can cause problems with multi language files.

  • Can I upload a picture to Capti and have it read to me?

    Yes, Capti has Optical Character Recognition capabilities. This costs 1 Capti Coin per page for personal premium accounts. OCR is not available for free accounts. Capti Coins are not included in the premium subscription and must be purchased separately.

  • Can Capti read my books to me?

    Yes, Capti can read anything you want. Textbooks, novels, manuals, menus, you name it.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can upload?

    Capti’s only limit is the file size of a single uploaded file, which is 10MB for free accounts and 100MB for Premium accounts. You can upload as many files as you want.

  • Does Capti have an Android App?

    No, Capti does not have an Android App. We currently do not have plans to develop one. Please use on your Android device to access Capti.

  • Can I use my Kindle books on Capti?

    No, Capti can not access Kindle books because Amazon does not allow third-party services to access the files. Please contact Amazon to ask about their supported text-to-speech services.

  • How do I login?

    Login to by pressing the top right button on the screen.

  • How can I delete my Capti account?

    Please email with your account email address requesting your account be deleted and we will delete your account and send you confirmation.

  • How secure are the files I upload to Capti? Can Capti employees see my documents?

    Capti management with administrative back end access can view documents for troubleshooting purposes. There are no other reasons we access the data, we do not sell or package your data in any way.