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Capti Voice is a universally accessible reading productivity tool that helps both faculty and students. Capti makes it easy to teach and support ESL students, it greatly facilitates the work of Disability Support Services, and it makes it easier to personalize instruction.

Capti provides the much needed support to all students struggling to keep up with their reading and makes overachievers even more productive. Capti is compliant with ADA Section 508 making it an effective tool for your students with learning and print disabilities.

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  • Capti Voice and Bookshare
  • Capti Voice for iPhone/iPad
  • Creating and Sharing Playlists

Why Capti

  • The best quality OCR for converting photos and PDFs to readable text
  • The best quality text-to-speech voices reading in 20+ languages
  • The only reading tool offering dynamically created vocabulary games
  • The only reading tool with context-sensitive word and phrase translation
  • The only tool that students can continue using for free after graduation
  • The only content-independent reading tool integrating assessment
  • The easiest access to books from Bookshare and Project Gutenberg
  • The best special needs solution of 2017 (according to EdTech Digest)

For All Students and especially for

  • Struggling readers
  • Foreign language
  • Dyslexic
  • Visually impaired

Benefits for All Student Populations

  • Increases student engagement in reading
  • Provides learning supports for ESL students
  • Helps students organize their reading materials
  • Helps develop learning strategies and independence
  • Enables students to read and review content on the go

Benefits for Disability Support Services

  • Makes it easy to create accessible content
  • Maintains compliance with regulations and laws
  • Removes stigma and improves student outcomes
  • Accommodates all student populations and needs
  • Facilitates distribution of accessible content to students
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