Manual Rostering

In Capti Voice you can manually manage members of your organization account by logging in on and opening Admin Members. table with members

!How to add new members

Add one member at a time

  1. In the top bar click Admin Members. A list of all members of your organization will appear.
  2. Click Enroll Enroll Single Member.
    table with members
  3. Type the new member's email or Capti ID and click Search
  4. If this account is new, you can choose between asking the member to confirm the email account, or activating the account yourself. In the later case you don't have to use an active email address.
  5. Specify member's name, role and class (if any).
  6. If you want to add more members check Enroll another checkbox
  7. Click Enroll

Add multiple members with a file

You can add members to your organization account by uploading a file.

  1. In the top bar click Admin Members. A list of all members of your organization will appear.
  2. Click Enroll Enroll Members from File... in the top-right corner of the screen.
    table with members
  3. Configure members you are importing
    1. Choose default role for the new members.
    2. Choose a default class (if any) for the new members. You can create a new class by going to Admin Classes and clicking New Class
    3. Choose how to activate new members’ accounts. You can either ask the new users to confirm through their emails and choose their own passwords, or you can activate the accounts right away. The former option will require you to specify each new member with a password, but you won't need to use active email addresses.
  4. Download and modify template file
    1. Click Download Template to download members.csv file.
    2. Open members.csv file in your preferred editor (Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice, or any plain text file editor) and fill information of the members you want to add. Each new member is specified by a single row, while each column specifies some property of the new account you are creating.
  5. Upload the modified template
    1. Click Choose file or Browse and select the file you created.
    2. Click Next. Capti will upload and analyze your file.
  6. If no errors were found click Import -the new members will appear in the members list. Otherwise
    1. Click Download detailed report to review the full error report.
    2. Click Back
    3. Fix any reported errors and try again.

Invite with a code

You can invite students and colleagues to activate their membership in your Capti organization account by entering an invite code.

  1. Find the 6-letter invite code that you need
    1. In the top bar click Admin Members. A list of all members of your organization will appear.
    2. Click Enroll Invite Members and the codes will be displayed.
      table with members
    3. Choose from student, assistant, or teacher codes, and close the dialog.
      table with members

      Tip: If you want to invalidate the old codes first click "Regenerate Codes" in the bottom of the dialog.

  2. Distribute the code to students and/or faculty:
    • Users without a Capti account should open, click Sign Up and make sure to enter the code in the Organization Code field.
    • Users with a Capti account should log in on, go to Account Personal, click Activate organization account membership, and enter the code.

!How to remove members

To remove one member from the organization go to Admin Members, click on the ... next to member's name, and select Remove from organization....

To remove multiple members from the organization go to Admin Members and click Bulk Action Remove from organization.... Note that only members you have permission to remove will be removed.

Note: If member is removed from the organization account then by extension he or she is also removed from all organization locations.


Managing existing members

  • To change a member's name or role go to Admin Members, click on the ... next to the member's name, and select Edit Details
  • To change a member's password go to Admin Members, click on the ... next to the member's name, and select either Change Password (to enter a new password), Reset Password (to email the user asking to change password), or Activate (to enter a new password and activate their account).
  • To export members into a file go to Admin Members and select Bulk Action Export
  • To change which playlists and classes are accessible to a member go to Admin Members and click on the member's name. Choose the tab Playlists or Classes.

Limitations on manual rostering

  • Member role - only members with Teacher and Administrator role can add, edit, and remove members of an organization account. Further, only members with an Administrator role can add, edit and remove other Administrator members.
  • Locations - if your organization account has more than one location, then members with an Administrator role will be able to manage members in all locations, while Teachers will be able to manage members only in locations they themselves are members of. Teachers also cannot move members from one location to another.
  • Automatic rostering mode - if automatic rostering is turned on then management of organization members is restricted. In this mode Administrators will be able to add, remove, and edit other Administrators. All other members will be added and removed automatically.
  • Licensing- the number of members that can be added to an organization account may be limited by the number of licenses enabled for the account. Licenses are counted separately for students and faculty, and the current limit is indicated below the list of current members in Admin Members screen.

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