Single Sign-On and Rostering Integrations

Direct Integration

Capti integrates with the following tools directly or via LTI interface


Single Sign On

Remove Accounts

Create Accounts

Google Classroom Supported Supported
Clever Supported Supported Supported
Canvas (LTI) Supported Supported
BlackBoard (LTI) Supported Supported
Schoology (LTI) Supported Supported

Note: LTI rostering works by adding a new user accounts when they first access Capti from LMS

Other Integrations

Capti can also integrate with your tools indirectly, using the following mechanisms


Remove Accounts

Create Accounts

Automatically sync with SIS using Capti SFTP Server Supported Supported
Manually upload a file listing new users Supported
Manually manage users one at a time Supported Supported
Provide users a secret code to unlock organization membership Supported
Configure Capti to add users by their email domain name Supported

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