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Educational institutions like schools, school districts, universities, etc. as well as individual educators and departments can subscribe for a Capti Organization Plan. The following annual subscription options are available:
  • Groups
    $ 19. 99
    Per User, 10 Min.
    Best for Classes
  • Schools
    $ 3,999
    Sitewide License
    Teacher Favorite
  • Districts
    Volume Discounts
    Best Overall Value

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Individual users have the option of using Capti for FREE for an unlimited time but with limited functionality, or subscribing for a Personal Premium Plan that will enable all premium plan features:
  • Introductory
    $ 1. 99
    For 1 month
    With Renewal
  • Standard Plan
    $ 9. 99
    For 6 months
    With Renewal
  • Best Value
    $ 17. 99
    For 12 months
    With Renewal

Feature Comparison

Compare Personal Premium Plan (for personal use) and Organization Plan (for educational organizations) below. Or Explore difference between Capti editions.

Free Personal Plan Organization Plan


Turn any text into an audiobook.

Free text to speech voices with speech tracking.

High-quality text-to-speech voices

Text-to-speech voices developed by IVONA (part of Amazon), Acapela, and NeoSpeech. Can be used both online (using Capti web application) and offline (using Capti app).

In-app purchase

In-app purchase

Sophisticated text navigation

Skip to next/previous searched word, sentence, paragraph, heading, page, bookmark, etc.

Save and organize websites , documents, books

Save documents and web articles in your playlist and listen to them at your convinience, on and offline. Works with PDF, DOC, ePub, webpages, and many other formats.

Multi-platform support

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Chromebooks, and online using web browser.

Synchronize playlist and reading position across all devices.

Easy access to cloud storage and services

Bookshare (500K+ titles), Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, iCloud Drive, Pocket, Instapaper, Project Gutenberg (50K+ free titles).

Single sign-on

Sign into Capti using your Capti, Google or Facebook account.

Supports print disabilities: vision, dyslexia, etc.

Extensive support of screen readers Jaws, NVDA, VoiceOver.

Enables text magnification and color modification.

Supports font changes, including specialized Dyslexia font.

Full-text search

Search all texts within a playlist.

Within a track only

File size limit

10 MB

100 MB

100 MB

Import Physical Documents (OCR)

Import scanned PDF documents and photos of text into a playlist and listen to them.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase

Create playlists

Stay organized by saving documents, books, and webpages to separate playlists.

Advanced text import

View documents in original layout, exactly as the author intended or as rich text that can be configured to your liking (fonts, colors, zoom, spacing, masking, etc.).

Reference tools

Provides translations to 100+ languages.

Defines words and phrases in English language.

Uses natural language processing to provide contextual translations and definitions.

Active reading using word lists , annotations, etc.

Create custom word lists of translations & definitions.

Bookmark parts of text, highlight passages, and add annotations.

Gamified vocabulary building

Play a vocabulary-building "Word Challenge" game based on text you select and your English proficiency.

Content sharing and collaboration

Share and collaborate on playlists, tracks, translations, definitions, highlighted passages, bookmarks and annotations within or without Capti.


Teachers create, administer, and grade completed assignments; export assignments and grades, create class handouts, etc.

Students complete assignments and export their answers.

Activity analytics

View student’s last login, active text listening time, dictionary use, and use of other support tools.

Manage organization account

Add/remove organization account members, change member roles, etc. Integrated student / teacher accounts.

Supports organization account roles: Students, Teachers, etc.

Integrate with your Learning Management System

Google Classroom, Canvas, BlackBoard, etc.

LTI, import documents and students into Capti, etc.

Training and support

Personalized training.

Implementation support.

Priority customer support.

Contact: or call 888-533-7884