Choose how you want to use Capti

Individual users have the option of using Capti for free for an unlimited time but with limited functionality, or subscribing for an individual premium plan that will enable all premium plan features. You can subscribe after logging in.
  • 1 week trial
  • 1 month
    $ 1.99
    with monthly renewal
  • 6 months
    $ 9.99
    with renewal every 6 months
Educational institutions like schools, school districts, universities, etc. as well as departments have the following options:
  • Purchase a fixed number of student licenses.
  • Purchase a site license for an unlimited number of students.

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Feature Comparison

The following table provides a detailed summary of the differences between subscriptions.

Free No Plan Individual Plan Organization Plan


Turn any text into an audiobook.

View current reading position directly in text.

Use high-quality text-to-speech voices

Developed by IVONA, Acapela, NeoSpeech, etc.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase

Sophisticated text navigation

Jump to the next/previous word, sentence, paragraph, heading, page, bookmark, or a search keyword.

Save-for-later: websites , documents and books

Save documents and web articles for later in your Playlist and access them even offline. Support for PDF, DOC, ePub, and many other formats.

Multi-platform support

Works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Chromebooks, online.

Synchronize your Playlist and your reading position across all your devices.

Easy access to cloud storage and services

Bookshare (500K+ titles), Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Pocket, Instapaper, Project Gutenberg (50K+ free titles).

Single sign-on

Use your Google or Facebook account to sign in to Capti.

For now on web only (other platforms coming soon).

Supports print disabilities: vision, dyslexia, etc.

Extensive support of screen readers Jaws, NVDA, VoiceOver.

Supports text magnification and color themes.

Supports font changes (includes specialized Dyslexia font).

Full-text search

Find the best-matching tracks (documents, books, webpages) in your Playlist.

Within a track only

File size limit




Create playlists

Stay organized by saving tracks (documents, books, webpages) to different playlists.

View text with images and original layout

When adding PDF retain images, fonts, colors, and layout.

When adding DOC and ePub retain images.

Built-In Dictionary

Lookup translations to 100+ languages

Lookup English language definitions

Identify part of speech and form, identify word combinations.

Custom Contextual Dictionary

Create a custom dictionary with translations / definitions of words and word combinations in each track.

Export everything to a text file or to a track in Capti.

Word Challenge

Vocabulary building game

Create bookmarks, highlights, and notes

Bookmark important parts of text, highlight useful passages, and add your thoughts as notes.

Export everything to a text file or to a track in Capti.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert scanned PDF documents and photos into tracks that you can listen to.

Integrated content sharing and collaboration

Share playlists, tracks, custom dictionaries, highlights, bookmarks and notes with other Capti users.

Allow others to collaborate in your playlist.


Create, administer, grade and complete student assignments, quizzes, homework, etc.

Export assignments and grades, create class handouts, etc.

Organization activity analytics

Last login, TTS use, dictionary use, etc.

Management of organization

Add/remove members, change roles, etc.

Integrated student / teacher accounts..

Training and support

Personalized training.

implementation support.

Priority customer support.