Capti Voice:
Literacy and Learning Platform
Features & Benefits

Why Capti Voice?

Capti Voice solution is grounded in academic research and close collaboration with educators and students. We recognize the benefits of integrating technology in the classroom and the importance of empowering your students to have choices within their learning. Capti transforms a classroom by facilitating students’ independence by providing them the support they need.

Capti gives students access to numerous supports and customizations to help them build their vocabulary, comprehension, organization skills, and more! Capti supports all levels within a school from administrators, teachers, and students. It helps maintain compliance requirements and enables teachers to quickly differentiate material so they have more time to for their students.

Features & Benefits

Read Any Way You Like

  • Listen To Texts

    Listen to anything you want to read with a fluent, natural sounding voice of your choice, and follow along to improve spelling and word recognition.

  • Customize Your Voices

    Select your favorite voice and set your comfortable speech rate for each language to make it easier to understand the texts read to you.

  • Change How Text Looks

    Personalize the text to make it easier read by customizing size, font, color, line spacing, and a number of other parameters.

Use Capti On Any Webpage

  • Listen To and Read Selected Text

    Use Capti Chrome extension to select and listen to the content of any web page read out loud by natural sounding voices and follow along as needed.

  • Save Web Articles to Capti

    Save the selected passage or the entire web page to the Capti playlist. Capti will strip out links and ads and save the main article content.

  • Supports Google Docs, Office 365, PDF

    Use Capti Chrome extension to access Google and Office 365 Documents online; Canvas, Blackboard, and other LMSs; PDFs opened in the browser, etc.

  • Minimize Capti Window

    Hide the window with the text and just listen to the content of the website.

Save Anything to Capti

  • Import Any Document

    Import documents and images in any popular format, as well as web articles into the Capti Playlists to aggregate and organize the reading materials.

  • Import From the Cloud

    Import documents from Google Drive, OneDrive, Office 365, iCloud Drive, Dropbox. Capti understands Google and Office 365 document formats.

  • Import From Your LMS

    Import files from Canvas or BlackBoard. Support for more Learning Management Systems is comming soon.

  • Import From Book Libraries

    Import books from Bookshare (500K+ titles) - a free library for students with print disabilities, or from Project Gutenberg (50K+ titles) - a free library of classical books.

  • Import Photos

    Take a photo of text with your phone or import a scanned document to turn it into machine readable text with the best optical character recognition (OCR).

  • Import in Rich Text or Original Layout

    Import documents in Rich Text format to personalize the way the text looks or import in the Original Layout format to view them exactly as the author intended. Enables "Write on Documents" feature.

Write, Annotate, and Highlight

  • Highlights, Bookmarks, and Comments

    Enhance text by highlighting passages, bookmarking important locations, and adding notes. Share your annotations or export them to a separate document.

  • Write on Documents

    Write answers or make a side note on an original-layout documents. Export your writing, as well as print or email document to share.

Build Vocabulary

  • Translation to 100+ languages

    Use contextual translation for individual words and passages. Capti translates to over 100 languages with over 25 offering text-to-speech support.

  • English dictionary definitions

    Look up the meaning of unknown words in context to get the most accurate definition, or provide custom definitions you like.

  • Word Challenge Game

    Play the Word Challenge game to build vocabulary, increase reading comprehension, and practice context clues.

  • Personalized Word Lists

    Build your own word list with definitions or translations and use it as a study guide. Share your word lists or export them into a separate document.

  • Lookup Words on Any Webpage

    Use Capti Chrome extension to look up translations and definitions without leaving the web page you are viewing.

Assign Reading to Students

  • Share Your Content with Students

    Share any content as playlists of tracks. A playlist can contain files of any type, web articles, books, and more.

  • Share Your Notes with Students

    Any notes (comments, highlights, bookmarks, and more) that you take in a shared playlist will be visible to anyone with access.

  • Send Students a Link to Playlist

    Make it easy for your students to find their assigned reading by sending them a link to a specific page in playlist.

  • Review Notes Taken by Students

    You can review all notes taken by your students in playlists you shared with them.

  • Track Student Progress

    Monitor student engagement with Capti analytics.

Access from Anywhere

  • Offline Support

    Use Capti online or install it to use it offline, e.g., when there is no Internet or for exam accommodations.

  • Cross-Device Sync

    Use Capti on any of your devices - your content will synchronize so you can conveniently switch among your devices.

  • Supported Browsers

    Use Capti with with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari

  • Supported Operating Systems

    Use Capti on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, and iOS. (Android online only)

Usability and Accessibility

  • Screen-Reader Accessibility

    Use Capti with Jaws, NVDA, and VoiceOver - Capti is built from the ground up with screen-reader compatibility in mind,

  • Advanced Text Navigation

    Navigate text by pages, headings, paragraphs, sentences, words, time, keywords, bookmarks, etc.

Feature Access Control

  • OCR

    Disable use of Optical Character Recognition for all students or all users

  • Personal Purchases

    Disable in-app purchases for all students or all users

  • Translation Lookup

    Disable translation of text or individual words for all users

  • Definition Lookup

    Disable definition of words for all users

  • Passwords

    Disable password changing for all students

Easy Account Administration

  • Single Sign-On

    Sign in to Capti with Google, Clever, or Facebook. Log in through Canvas or Blackboard using LTI integration.

  • Automatic Rostering

    Import the roster of students, teachers, and classes from Clever, any Student Information System (SIS), or using LTI integration. Great for large accounts.

  • Manual Rostering

    Import the roster of students, teachers, and classes from Google Classroom or a .CSV file. Manually manage everything. Great for small accounts.

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