Capti Tutorials

Capti Voice is an award-winning app that offers a new approach to consuming digital content: Use Capti to listen to everything you want to read on the go and at your leisure.

How Does Capti Work?

  • Using Capti Voice with Bookshare and more
    500K+ books, textbooks, and periodicals (for people with disabilities)
  • Project Gutenberg with Capti
    50K+ free Project Gutenberg books
  • Getting Started
    Getting Started with Capti Voice
  • Adding Documents
    Adding Content to Your Playlist in Capti Voice
  • Adding Web pages
    Adding Web pages to Your Playlist in Capti Voice
  • Playback and Navigation
    Playing and Navigating Content in Capti Voice
  • Speech
    Text-to-Speech in Capti Voice
  • Organization Account
    Creating and Managing Your Capti Organization Account