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Helping students improve performance in school while building their confidence, independence, and individuality!

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Capti can
help students

  • Make homework accessible with read-aloud option
  • Gain independence while completing assignments
  • Keep up with classroom reading and curriculum

Capti can
help students

  • Improve reading comprehension and fluency
  • Access Websites and web documents for research
  • Proof writing by listening to what they wrote
  • Student
    “Capti helps me get through my chapters and not get so overwhelmed by trying to physically read them. Once the pressure is off, I can read along with Capti or just listen to it.“
  • Student
    “Before Capti I struggled with my reading and Capti has made it easier for me to understand.“
  • Student
    “I Studied with it and got a hundred on my test. Voice is clear when placed on the right speed. Was a great help.“
  • Administrator
    “Groups of 3rd and 4th grade students with a reading disability were reading books that their peers were reading and excited talking about the story, character and details.“
  • Teacher
    “I have learners that are more than two grade levels below able to read content and understand concepts within our science and social studies units.“
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