Word Challenge Game

Word Challenge will help build vocabulary, increase reading comprehension and practice context clues.

The Word Challenge game is automatically created from the text you are reading. The game strategically chooses sentences and phrases and asks you questions about them. The questions will be chosen just above your reading level: not too hard but hard enough to be an intereting challenge. Word Challenge accomplishes this by learning from your prior games, so the more you play the more interesting the games will become.

To start a game click on the light bulb icon shown below and select Word Challenge from the menu that opens.

Click on the light bulb icon to begin the Word Challenge Game

Before you start, you can choose from over 25 languages as well as the difficulty level. Once you are done click start to begin the game. Choose the language and difficulty to begin playing the Word Challenge Game

If you choose to have your answers in English, the game will build reading comprehension and the use of context clues by determining which word would be the correct choice. If you chose to have your answers in another language, the game will practice building vocabulary by strategically choosing words and/or word combinations to be translated. You must choose the correct word and/or word choice.

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