Premium Voices

There are a variety of Ivona, Acapela, and NeoSpeech voices to choose from.

  1. Click the Speech icon at the bottom of the playlist or the track screen and tap the voice name. A list of native and installed voices will appear.
  2. If you don't see voices for a particular language tap Show installed voices for and check all the languages you want to configure.
  3. In order to choose from our premium voices, click the More Voices under the language name.
  4. A list of voices to purchase will appear. You will be able to sample each of the voices listed by pressing the play button on the left-hand side. If you previously purchased a voice it be labeled "purchased". If a voice is free under your plan it will be labeled "free".
  5. Tap a voice to open voice details screen. From this screen you can install, purchase, or start a free trial of the voice. The voice access is based on your subscription and prior purchases.
  6. Your premium voice will appear in the list of available voices once it finishes downloading.
  7. To start using the voice tap the voice name, then tap Set as Preferred.
  1. In order to choose from our premium voices, click More Voices tab. You will be able to sample the premium voices by clicking the play button.
  2. Choose the voice you wish to install, click Install and go back the Manage tab. Your premium voice will appear once it finishes downloading.
  3. Once you click Choose the premium voice you installed will be set as your “Preferred voice”.

High-quality streaming voices are available for educational organizations with Capti organization accounts. Voices can be purchased a la carte or through volume discount. Please contact us at for additional details.

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We are working on bringing voice streaming for individual users. Stay tuned!

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