Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Issues

? The Player window in Capti browser extension is not opening

Make sure that your browser is not blocking popups on the page.

? Is Capti Voice accessible?

Yes, Capti Voice will work with common screen readers on your device. We are testing with NVDA and JAWS on Windows, as well as VoiceOver on Mac and iOS.

? What's the best browser to use Capti with my screen reader?

The best browser to use Capti with Jaws is Google Chrome or Firefox. Jaws does recommends Internet Explorer but that's a very outdated browser that is not going to work well with modern websites anyway.

The best browser to use Capti with NVDA is Firefox. Capti works equally well with Chrome and Firefox, but NVDA works better with Firefox.

The best browser to use Capti with VoiceOver is Google Chrome or Firefox. That said, Capti Voice also works well in Safari.

! Capti shortcuts don't work with JAWS screen reader

You can use Capti shortcuts with JAWS. If you are using JAWS 16.0.2136 or higher, you first need to turn on "Allow Web Application Reserved Keystrokes" in the JAWS Settings Center or Quick Settings. Do the following in JAWS:

  1. Click Insert + F2
  2. Select "Run Settings Center"
  3. Search for "web app."
  4. Check the box next to Allow Web Applications Reserved Keystrokes. Make sure that you edit the default file.
If you are using an old version of JAWS or do not wish to turn on this setting you can also activate any Capti shortcut by preceeding it with Insert + 3 which causes the next keystroke to be passed directly to Capti Voice. For example, to start listening to track you would click Insert + 3 followed by Q.

Detailed explanation on JAWS webpage.

! I can't find definition or translation of a word I am looking for

The following may be the reasons:

  • Capti only supports lookup of definitions in English language.
  • If you are a member of educational account the account administrator might have turned this feature off.
  • This feature requires an internet connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

? Is Capti using Google Translate?

Capti is using advanced natural language processing algorithms to determine the part of speech of the word you selected and to determine if the word is a part of a larger phrase. We use this information to look up translations and definitions in our own database, and sometimes in Google Translate. As a result our translations and definitions are much more contextually accurate than if you were using Google Translate on its own.

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