Troubleshooting Content Import

? How do I import content into Capti?

Open a playlist and click the large green +. On Windows / Mac it is located in the top-right corner of the sidebar. On iPhone / iPad it is located in the bottom-left corner.

Importing books and documents

Importing web articles

Importing images and photos

? Will the content I import into Capti be accessible on other devices ?

Yes! You can synchronize all your playlists to Capti Cloud and then access it on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and simply by logging into your account on To synchronize on iPhone / iPad simply pull down the playlist. To synchronize on Windows / Mac click the small icon in the corner of the sidebar. As long as you synchronize your content is never lost even if you lose your device!

! I can not log into a cloud service or use a cloud service

  • Instapaper requires a paid subscription for third-party access. You can find out more on the official website.
  • Bookshare is a restricted service for people with print disabilities. You can find out more about qualifications on the official website.

? Why am I required to re login into Instapaper (etc.) every time?

Instapaper terms of service require us to ask you for your password every time. Sorry!

? How do I import content from iCloud, Pocket, Baidu, Box, etc.?

  • If you are using iPhone or iPad: click on the green + icon in the bottom of the playlist and choose where you want to import from.
  • If you are using Windows, Mac, or Capti Online: click on the green + icon in the top-right corner of the sidebar and choose where you want to import from.
  • Pocket is not available in Capti for Windows / Mac for technical reasons.

? How do I import content from iBooks?

  • Find out the location of your iTunes Media Folder on your Windows / Mac: iTunes, go to Preferences, open Advanced tab and locate "iTunes Media Folder". Remember it, or write it down.
  • Connect your device to iTunes and select it.
  • Find and select Capti in the “Apps” section of your device.
  • Press Add…
  • Navigate to the "iTunes Media Folder" you found earlier, open the “Books” folder and select the books you want to import into Capti.
  • Once iTunes finishes copying the files to your device you will be able to find them in Capti.

! A document I want to import is not listed when I open cloud service

  • Capti for Windows & Mac will not list documents and files that it cannot load.
  • Capti for iOS will list native Google Drive documents as grayed-out when accessing Google Drive via iCloud Drive. To import native Google Drive documents access them by going to Add Tracks Google Drive.

! A document is not loading into the Playlist

  • Make sure you have enough space on your device. On iPhone / iPad you can see how much space you have left if you open Apple's " Settings" app and go to General Storage & iCloud Storage.
  • Make sure the file is not DRM-protected. Capti cannot read DRM-protected documents. Most books in online book stores such as Kindle, iBookstore, Nook, etc. have DRM protection. Removing DRM is technically possible, but will violate your contract with the 3rd party providing the ebook.
  • Make sure the file is not too large. If your file is greater than the maximum size allowed (10MB for free accounts, 100MB for paid accounts) the file will not load.
  • Some books in Bookshare library are unavailable for download for your specific account. There are two possibilities here:
    • Option 1: Capti lists the book as available for download, but when you add it to playlist the download fails. This is likely because the qualifying information of the Bookshare account you are using doesn't match what's required to download this book. If you have edit permissions for the Bookshare account you can fix it like this:
      1. Login into your account on
      2. Click Members on the left side of the screen.
      3. Click on the name of the member that you want to edit.
      4. Update qualifying information appropriately. For example if the member has IEP the book requires it, check the "User has an IEP" checkbox.
      5. Click Save
      6. Try to add the book into Capti again.
    • Option 2: Capti lists the book as not available for download (this is indicated by an icon to the left of the book's name). Make sure that you accepted the terms and conditions on the website. If this doesn't help then the book is likely not available for your Bookshare account and you won't be able to add to the playlist.

! A PDF document I imported into the playlist doesn't play

Check if the document is accessible by trying to highlight a section of words with your mouse. If you can't then the PDF is not accessible and the right way to import it into Capti is by checking off the box that says “Convert scanned image or PDF using OCR” in the "Import Document" dialog (this method will use 1 Capti Coin per document page).

! A document I imported into the playlist doesn't look right

  • If you are trying to import a PowerPoint document, try saving it as PDF first.
  • If you are importing a PDF in "Original Layout" format it may not work perfectly with some complex files.
  • If you are taking a photo then try retaking it under better lighting conditions. See here for more details.

! A web page is not loading into the Playlist

  • While Capti can intelligently process most web pages, we occasionally find one that does not work as expected.
  • If you used the Capti Bookmarklet to add an article that stretches across multiple web pages, only the text from the current web page will be added. To add multi-paged articles use the built-in browser in the Capti app in the AppStore.

! Bookmarks that I added to my PDF file are not displayed in Capti

If you added bookmarks outside of Capti then Capti will not be able to recognize them.

! Images in a track are not displayed

  • You may not have the premium account, which is necessary to add tracks with images
  • You haven't been subscribed to the premium account at the time the track was added to Capti. If you have a premium account now, you can add the track again and the images (if any) should appear.
  • The original document has to be in PDF, DOC, DOCX, or EPUB formats to see images

! AirDrop is not working

  • The minimum requirements for AirDrop to work are: iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, and iPod Touch (5th generation).
  • You need to turn AirDrop on: swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center, tap AirDrop then tap Everyone (if you are only sharing with people in your contacts tap Contacts Only instead).
  • Both devices need to be signed into an iCloud account. To set up iCloud exit Capti, then go to iPhone Settings iCloud.
  • For now Capti AirDrop support extends only to tracks loaded from web pages

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