Looking Up Translations and Definitions

Capti provides context-sensitive translations and definitions, taking into account part of speech, word form, and other factors.

  1. Use standard gestures to select the text that you would like to translate.
  2. The contextual menu will appear. Tap the white triangle on the right side until the word Translate appears. Tap Translate. Highlighted word options: Copy, Select, Look up Highlighted word options: Share, Jump Here, Translate, Annotate
  3. A new screen with the translation will appear. Here you can choose the source and target translation language and review the results. Translation of Reasonable
  1. Locate a word you would like to translate or define in text and right-click it. A contextual menu will appear. Select Translate from the list of options
  2. Click Translate to see a translation or Define to see an english-language definition.
  3. A new window with the translation or definition will appear. Definition: Deference, with great respect Translation of deference If the language of source or target language is wrong you can adjust it in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  4. To learn more about the word click on the word again. Capti will open a new browser tab with additional information. Clicking on the blue highlighted word for more detailed information