Administering an Assignment

Monitor student progress in real time, pause and resume the assignment for individual students, have questions graded automatically, and publish the grades for students.

Step 1Pick Students To Do the Assignment

  1. Open the assignment in the sidebar
  2. Open the Assigned To tab and click the green + Select the Green + button to add users to the assignment
  3. A new dialog with students will open. Click the Assign next names of students you want to add or click ASSIGN TO ALL at the bottom of the table to add all students in the list.
  4. Click Done Select Assign next to the name of the user you'd like to be added to the assignment

    Note: If a student can't access the playlist that you linked to the assignment you will see a yellow icon next to their name. If a student can access the playlist you will see a green icon next to their name. Students with unconfirmed or deleted accounts will be flagged with a red icon. Make sure the playlist is shared with the right students. The list of users added to the assignment will appear under Assigned To

Step 2Start the Assignment

  1. Click the Magic Wand button at the top of the sidebar
  2. Click Start Select Start to begin the assignment
  3. Confirm. The assignment will move into the "In Progress" tab in the sidebar.

Note: once the assignment is started the questions can no longer be changed, added or deleted. However, you will still be able to share the assignment with additional students.

Step 3Monitor Assignment Progress

See what answers students are providing in real time, pause and resume assignment for individual students, etc.

Step 4Stop Assignment

When you are ready to stop the assignment:

  1. Click the Magic Wand button in the top of the sidebar Select Stop and Hide or Stop and Publish to prevent users from making further changes to the assignment
  2. Choose:
    • Stop and publish if you want the students to continue viewing questions and answers.
    • Stop and hide if you want the students to no longer see the assignment at all.
  3. Confirm

NextGrade Assignment

Export an assignment into a file and print.

  1. Open the assignment in the sidebar
  2. Click three dots button button in the top-right corner
  3. Click Export assignment... You can choose to Export the assignment
  4. In the drop-down menu select the option Handout
  5. Click EXPORT
  6. Type the file name and confirm