Content Sources

Capti can import files and books from the following resources

Book Libraries
  • Project Gutenberg: public domain library of 50,000+ titles
  • Bookshare: 500,000+ titles for schools and individuals with print dissabilities
Cloud Storage Learning Management Systems On your iPhone and iPad
  • Take a photo with your device directly from Capti
  • Import photo or screenshot from your device photo library
  • Copy text anywhere on your device, edit it directly in Capti, and import your text
  • Import documents and websites from other apps on your device directly to Capti (click "Share")
  • Other Capti users (AirDrop)
On your desktop or laptop
  • Copy a photo or an image on your device, then paste it directly into Capti
  • Take a screenshot of any text on your screen, then paste it directly into Capti
  • Copy text on your device, then paste it directly into Capti
  • Drag-and-drop files directly into Capti
  • Upload files from your computer, flash drives, etc.
Web Services

Tutorial Videos

Import documents from your computer

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