Main Commands

Keyboard Shortcut Task
Q Start or pause speech
E Replay most recently played segment
T Translate currently selected word or phrase
D Define currently selected word or phrase
Period (.) Next track
Shift + Period (.) Previous track
Z Focus on sidebar
Ctrl + F10 or Shift + F10 Open contextual menu (like mouse right-click). Works in sidebar and text view.
Alt + O Open Capti in browser tab (requires Capti browser extension).

Adding Content

Keyboard Shortcut Task
A Open list of content sources
Ctrl + V or Command + V Paste text or image into Playlist. To copy-paste a region of screen use Shift + Command + 4 (Mac) or Windows Key + Shift + S (Windows 10)
Alt + A Add article on currently open webpage to playlist (requires Capti browser extension).

Capti Browser Extension

The following shortcuts will work on any open webpage, not just in Capti itself. To use the shortcuts please install the Capti browser extension.

Keyboard Shortcut Task
Alt + O Open Capti in browser tab.
Alt + X or Alt + Q View selected text on the webpage in Capti Player.
Alt + A Add article on currently open webpage to playlist.

Skipping in Text

Keyboard Shortcut Task
R Skip again - repeat previous unit navigation command
1 2 3 Skip to next heading h1, h2, or h3
Shift + 1 Shift + 2 Shift + 3 Skip to previous heading h1, h2, or h3
Right Arrow or Comma (,) Skip to next page
Left Arrow or Shift + Comma (,) Skip to previous page
Down Arrow or P Skip to next paragraph
Up Arrow or Shift + P Skip to previous paragraph
S Skip to next sentence
Shift + S Skip to previous sentence
W Skip to next word
Shift + W Skip to previous word

Using the Sidebar

Keyboard Shortcut Task
Enter Start or pause speech
Space Check or uncheck item
Down Arrow Next item in the list
Up Arrow Previous item in the list
Left Arrow If in list of tracks then open list of playlists. Else open list of tracks.
Right Arrow If in list of playlists then open list of tracks of selected playlist. Else open details of selected track.
X Focus on text view - this will enable all text view shortcuts

Text Editor

You can add text to track by right-clicking anywhere on Original Layout track and selecting Write Here. The following commands will work when editing the text you added.

Keyboard Shortcut Task
Alt + Shift + Q Start or stop speech
Alt + Shift + Arrow Move the text box left, right, up or down.