Sharing a Word List

Option 1Share a Word List Along With a Track

Word lists are shared along with a track automatically, by the following rules:

  • If you have Edit access permissions to a playlist (i.e. you created it or it was shared with you) then any changes you make to the word lists within are automatically shared with playlist viewers and editors. You can collaborate with other editors, editing each other's word lists.
  • If you have View access permissions to a playlist then your word lists will not be shared.
  • If you delete a track then the attached word list will be deleted along with it. By deleting a playlist you will delete all tracks and all word lists attached to them.
  • If you create a copy of a track, or move the track to a different playlist, then the new track will retain only your own word list entries. Entries shared with you are not copied.

Note: Each track has its own word list.

Option 2Share Word List as a Separate Track

Export a word list into a separate track and share this track with others:

  1. Save the word list as a track
  2. Share the playlist

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