Sharing Tracks

A Playlist affiliated with an organization account can be used to easily and securely share an ordered collection of tracks (documents, books, web articles) with other organization account members.

Note: You must have an Assistant, Teacher, or Administrator role to share content.

Step 1Create a Shared Playlist

Login at and create a new playlist affiliated with your organization's account.

Step 2Share the Playlist with Other Users

  1. In the top bar go to Readers Sharing.
  2. A list of all your playlists will appear. Click on the name of the playlist you wish to share.
  3. Click Add.
    • Click the Can View next to names of your students. Click All Can View to share with everyone at once. Those users will be able to view but not edit the playlist.
    • Click Can Edit next to the names of your co-teachers and assistants. You can also click All Can Edit to share with everyone at once. Those users will be able to edit the playlist.
    If the organization account members you are looking for are not listed, add those users to your organization's account or ask someone with Teacher or Administrator role to do it.

Step 3Add Content to the Playlist

Tracks you add to a shared playlist will immidiaetly become available to users you shared the playlist with.

Add books and documents

Add web articles

Add images and photos

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing playlist with specific users select them in the list and click Remove. You can also delete the playlist to stop sharing and remove content.

Change Access Permissions

To change user's access permissions select users in the list and click Access Can View or Access Can Edit.

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