Active Reading with Students

#Share Content with Students

To make content available to students

  1. Create and share a playlist with students. You can start by clicking + Playlist to create a playlist, then clicking Edit Access to share it.
  2. Add content to the playlist. You can start by simply dropping a file into the playlist window. Each document in a playlist is called a "Track".
  3. Once playlist is shared students can access it at any time by logging in to Capti. However, a teacher can also email students a link to a specific track, as follows: click on the Sharing button in the top-right coner and choose Get link to this page. Copy the link and use email or LMS to share it.

#Share Notes by Adding Them to Tracks

Whenever a teacher takes notes in a shared playlist, the notes are automatically shared with everyone who can access the playlist. Teachers can even collaborate by adding notes to the same track. The students will be able to switch between viewing teacher's notes or only their own notes by opening the right sidebar on tab Notes and changing note author filter.

#Review Student Notes in Playlist

Teacher can review notes made by their students. To view student's notes: open the right sidebar on tab Notes and change note author filter to that student's name. Name of the selected student will be displayed at the top of the page as a reminder. If the student's name is not in the list then the student doesn't have any notes.

#Ask Students to Submit Notes

Students can: print or export the track text with highlights and some notes, or export all notes as a separate file. The exported file can then be emailed or submitted to the teacher using LMS; the physical printout can be submitted in person.

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