Configuring Schoology

Capti can be configured for all account members by any user with an Administrator role in both Capti and Schoology. Once everything is set up users can open Capti from within Schoology course navigation panel without the need to login.

* Setting up Capti as an LTI Provider

Step 1: Enable LTI in Capti Voice

  1. Login into Capti on the website. Your Capti account must have an administrator role.
  2. Go to Admin Organization LTI Integration
  3. Set "LTI Integration" to "Enabled". Take note of the consumer key and shared secret, you will need them later.
  4. Either contact us to enable automatic LTI rostering for your account or add Schoology users to Capti account manually. For seamless integration their Capti ID must match their primary Schoology email address. Read more about automatic rostering using LTI.

Step 2: Add Capti Voice app to Schoology

  1. Login into Schoology. Your Schoology account must have an administrator role.
  2. Open Schoology App Center and look for Capti Voice app. Capti type is "LTI App" and Capti fits into categories of Language Arts, Social Science, and Special Education.
  3. Click on Capti Voice name, then procceed to install it: click "Install LTI App", then click "I Agree" to confirm.
  4. Screen Organization Apps will appear. Click Configure next to Capti Voice name.
  5. Set consumer key and shared secret to the values from Capti's "LTI Integration" tab (see above).
  6. Click Save settings.
  7. Go back to the previous screen, and click Install/Remove. Make sure to check all the courses that Capti should be available for and click Submit.

Step 3: Verify integration

  1. In Schoology: open class and check that "Capti Voice" appears in the main tools sidebar.
  2. Click on "Capti Voice". Capti Voice screen will appear in the right and notify you if you logged in succesfully.
  3. Click Open in New Tab to open Capti Voice in a new browser tab.

* Setting up import of documents into Capti

We are working on bringing this functionality very soon!

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