Interpreting Assessment Results

Viewing All Scores

In the top navigation bar select Admin > Rise. In the top right corner choose your location and class. A list of your students and their assessment results will now be visible.

You can sort your students by their names and by the results for each of the 6 areas assessed by clicking on the title. When sorting by category you see the top/bottom performers at a glance.

It is possible to convert Capti reading assessment scores to Lexile level and grade level by examining the Efficiency of Basic Reading Comprehension scores (look for "MAZE" column in the table). However, it should be noted that the conversion table should be taken with a grain of salt and cannot be used to definitevery determine student's reading grade or lexile level. The following table summarizes the correspondance.

Efficiency of Basic Reading Comprehension



below 230


BR120L to 295L

231 - 234


170L to 545L

235 - 238


415L to 760L

239 - 243


635L to 950L

242 - 244


770L to 1080L

245 - 247


855L to 1165L

248 - 250


925L to 1235L

251 - 253


985L to 1295L

254 - 257


1040L to 1350L

258 - 260


1085L to 1400L

above 260

11 & 12

1130L to 1440L

This table is made avaiable by Capti Voice to provide an approximate link between Capti reading assessment scores and student's grade level and Lexile level. The relationship is imprecise and provided for informational purposes only.

Reviewing a Student

Click on a particular student name.

You now see the details of this student’s performance on each of the assessment areas. Student’s performance is measured and depicted by a color so you can read results at a glance.

Each student is assigned a level indicating progress in a particular skill on an absolute scale. Two students with the same assigned level are roughly on the same skill level regardless of their individual grade level. The following 4 levels are possible

  • Mastery. Students at this level be given advanced materials that may be above grade level that help them achieve the next level of skill sophistication.
  • Competent. Students at this level should be monitored and opportunities for practice of skills should be afforded in the delivery of the curriculum. However, intervention on their behalf is not warranted unless a slip in performance is observed.
  • Learning. Students at this level will likely benefit most from some direct instruction, but mostly from extended practice of skills so that they become consolidated, contextualized and automatized.
  • Struggling. Students at this level will likely benefit most from direct, intense intervention instruction for an extended period of time.

Click + View Recommendations to view the actionable recommendations in each assessment area. These recommendations include personalized instruction ideas to improve the students outcome in the specific area.

Reviewing Analytics

Click Summary to view your class results compared to national average.

Scroll through each of the 6 Foundational Reading Areas measured to see your students’ performance compared to nationwide avegarage. To narrow the results down you can choose specific grade level, location and class. Use these results and actionable recommendations to formulate small group and classroom instruction.

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