FAQ about Reading Assessment

? Do I have access to assessment in my current education plan?

Yes, it is offered at no additional fee.

? How do I administer the assessment?

Learn about administering Capti reading assessments

? Who should take the assessment?

Students grades 3-12 are recommended to take the Capti reading assessment. Younger advanced students may benefit, as well as college students who are struggling readers.

? How many sections are there in the test?

There are six subtests evaluating student's reading skills along 6 different axis:

  • Word Recognition & Decoding
  • Meaning & Relationship
  • Morphological Awareness
  • Sentence Processing
  • Efficiency of Basic Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Comprehension

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? What kind of results do I receive?

Upon completion of the assessment you will be able to view your class’ results for each of the 6 reading skills measured. You can also view detailed results for each individual student, and receive actionable recommendations for improvement. A summary is available to view your class’ average compared to the national average.

? How do the results correlate with student reading Lexile or grade level?

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? How long does it take to administer?

The assessment is not timed, but the average student will complete sections 1-5 within 25 minutes. The 6th section is reading comprehension and will take approximately an additional 25 minutes. We recommend Section 6, Reading Comprehension, to be completed during another period. Please note, if the students performance in Sections 1-5 are low it is not necessary for students to complete the Section 6.

? Is there a time limit for students to complete the test?

There is no time limit to complete the assessments. A student can stop at anytime and then continue the test at a later time.

? Is this an adaptive test?

Capti reading assessment test does not adapt the difficulty of questions based on students’ (in)correct answers in the middle of the section, as this would affect the accuracy of the score. Constantly changing difficulty of questions can also frustrate students. The difficulty of the section will, however, automatically adapt when the student takes the same section again. There are a total of 3 difficulty levels available.

? How often should I administer the test?

At this time, we recommend completing the test 3 times a year. You can collect data for a baseline, then opportunity to remediate, and reevaluate to measure improvement. The test can be taken more often if needed, especially in intensive study scenarios.

? What device is required to take the assessment on?

The assessments are available online through Chromebooks, Mac, and Windows devices. It cannot be completed on iOS devices.

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