Automatic Member Management

  1. Contact us at or 888-533-7884. Capti representative will pre-configure your account and walk you through the steps to complete SIS integration (as described below).
  2. Export your data from the Student Information System. Follow the Capti Roster Format specifications configured for you by Capti representative. Please contact us if you need make changes to the format.
  3. Copy the exported data to Capti SFTP server. SFTP Address: Port: 2222. To view or make changes to SFTP username or password go to Admin Organization SIS Integration and click on the username or password.
  4. Merge data on SFTP server with your account. Go to Admin Members and click Enroll Synchronize with SIS to import your SIS data. Note that you have to add and remove Administrators manually, by clicking Enroll Enroll Single Member.
  5. Review the results.The changes will appear in the list of members once sync is complete. The files you uploaded and the error report (if any) will be backed up in the ‘log’ folder on the SFTP server (deleted after 1 year). Notification of error is also sent to the point of contact email that can be specified in Admin Organization SIS Integration. If there are errors then correct them and repeat the previous two steps until you are confident that SIS is configured correctly.
  6. Enable SIS Auto-Sync to Capti SFTP. Configure your SIS to automatically export your data to Capti SFTP folder.
  7. Distribute sign-in information to students and faculty. You can also export usernames into a file by going to Admin Members and clicking Bulk Actions Export.

Importing Students and Faculty




Example Data


Capti ID Value of "email" column A valid email address User will use Capti ID to log into Capti.
Value of "username" column followed by ‘@domain’, where 'domain' is specified by you. ‘username' and 'domain' should contain only letters and numbers. If ‘username’ is “john” and @domain is "" then Capti ID is ‘'.
Password Same as Capti ID User will use password to log into Capti. User will be able to change the password after login.
Value of "password" column.
First Name Value of 'first_name' column String, at most 120 characters John Student first name
Last Name Value of 'last_name' column String, at most 120 characters Smith Student last name
Person Number Value of 'person_number' column String, at most 120 characters 10212010 Organization-specific user identification code or number (optional).
Unique ID Value of 'unique_id' column String, at most 120 characters 3231 The identifier for a specific user, unique for host organization. Should match the unique identifier in your SIS.