Member Roles

The following table provides a detailed summary of the differences between roles of organization account members. Features not listed in this table are available to all roles.






Content sharing and collaboration
Share playlists, tracks, translations, definitions, highlights, bookmarks and notes with other Capti users. Allow others to collaborate in your playlist.


Supported Supported Supported

Create, administer, grade and complete student assignments, quizzes, homework, etc. Export assignments and grades, create class handouts, etc.

Answer questions

Supported Supported Supported

Import Physical Documents (OCR)
Import scanned PDF documents and photos of text into a playlist.

Supervised by admin.

Supervised by admin.

Supervised by admin.


Organization activity analytics
View student's last login, how much time they were listening to text, dictionary use, etc.

Supported Supported Supported

Management of organization members
View, add, or remove organization account members; add or remove classes; change member roles.

Supported Supported

Management of SIS and LMS integration
Activate and deactivate Student Information System and Learning Management System integrations.


Management of organization account
Activate/deactivate account, enable/disable features for other members, change maximum member capacity.


Member's role is initially selected when member is added to the organization account. To change member role:

  1. In the top bar click Admin Members. A list of all members of your organization will appear.
  2. Click ... next to name of the member you wish to edit and select Edit Details....
  3. Change the role and click Save.

Note: You cannot change your own role by yourself. If you need to change it ask another user with Teacher or Administrator role to change it for you.

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