Automatic Sync with SIS using Clever

!Single Sign-On with Clever

Which single sign-on options are available?

  • The "Log In With Clever" button on Capti Voice website.
  • "Capti" icon in your Clever app portal.
  • Clever redirect link (can be used anywhere in LMS).

Which field does Capti use as the key identifier from Clever?

Capti uses Clever ID as the key identifier. Other fields will be ignored.

Does Capti support Instant Login?

Yes. Instant login is the only login option for users with Clever accounts.

Which browsers are supported?

Instant login is supported on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, same as Capti itself.

Which platforms are supported?

Instant login is available for Capti Online users on Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac. If you are using a standalone (installable) version of Capti on iOS, Windows, and Mac you can login using your Capti ID and password. To find your Capti ID and set your password:

  1. Use Instant Login to open Capti Online
  2. Go to Account > Personal

!Secure Sync with Clever

How do I enable Secure Sync with Clever?

  1. Enable Capti in your Clever account
  2. And that's it! We will create a new Capti organization account and kick off the initial sync

How often will the Secure Sync occur?

Every day at 4AM EST. You can also trigger the sync manually by going to Admin > Members and clicking Enroll > Synchronize with Student Information System.

Is there a status page reflecting the sync status?

Yes. Users with Administrator role can go to Admin > Organization > SIS Integration to see the current sync status with Clever.

What is being Synced?

  • Clever District will become a new Capti organization account (we are not matching to existing accounts).
  • Clever Schools will become Capti Locations within the organization account, and users will be assigned to their respective Locations. Note that users are allowed to be in multiple Locations.
  • Clever Sections will become Capti Classes within a Location, and users will be assigned to their respective classes. Note that users are allowed to be in multiple classes.
  • Clever users will become new Capti users (we can match existing users to new users manually):
    • Clever District and School Administrators will become Capti Admins.
    • Clever Teachers will become Capti Teachers (co-teachers are supported).
    • Clever Students will become Capti Students.

If a teacher is also an administrator, how will Capti handle it?

The user will have multiple accounts, one for each user type.

What happens if a user moves between classes or schools?

The change will be reflected in Capti.

What do you do if user record is deleted from Clever?

The user will be removed from Capti organization account and archived. If user is added back in Clever, he/she will be restored to the organization account.

Can user roster be altered in a Clever-enabled district?

No. Capti will only change the roster based on Clever data.

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