Single Sign On and Rostering using LTI

!Single Sign-On with LTI

Where do I go in the LMS to sign in to Capti?

  • Click "Capti Voice" in the course
  • Click "Capti Voice" in the text editor

How to configure LMS to work with Capti using LTI?

See step by step instructions for your LMS. Right now we support Canvas and Blackboard.

Which field does Capti use as the user's key identifier?

Capti uses user's primary email in the LMS.

!Automatic Account Provisioning

How do I enable LTI integration to automatically provision new accounts?

First, this feature needs to be enabled for your account in Capti. Get in touch with us and we will enable it for you!

Second, if you are using BlackBoard, you need to set tool provider custom parameters in the tool placement configuration panel:


When new accounts will be provisioned?

When the user tries to sign in to Capti from LMS for the first time.

Can new accounts be provisioned in bulk?

No, each account will be provisioned on demand. If you need an entire class to get accounts ask them to open Capti at least once.

Is there a status page reflecting the system status?

Yes. Users with Administrator role can go to Admin > Organization > SIS Integration to see the current LTI account rostering status.

Are user roles in LMS synced?

Yes, as follows.

  • Canvas
    • Canvas Teacher -> Capti Teacher
    • Canvas Student -> Capti Student
    • Canvas TA -> Capti Assistant
    • Canvas Designer -> Capti Assistant
  • BlackBoard
    • Blackboard Student -> Capti Student
    • Blackboard Instructor -> Capti Teacher
    • Blackboard Course Builder -> Capti Assistant
    • Blackboard Grader -> Capti Assistant
    • Blackboard Teaching Assistant -> Capti Assistant

What happens if a user moves between classes?

Next time user logs in the user will be added to the new class but not removed from the previous one.

What happens if the same LMS instance is used in multiple schools?

They will be treated as a single school in Capti.

What do you do if user record is deleted from LMS?

The user will be retained in Capti until removed by a user with Administrator role.

Can user roster be altered in a LTI-enabled account?

Yes, users can be added and removed manually.

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