Personalize Look and Feel

All supported formats can be viewed in Capti in a simplified layout, as rich text, enabling easy customization of text color, font, size, width, etc. In this format if your PDF, DOC(X) or ePub document has pictures they will appear in your Capti track as well. PDF documents can also be uploaded in their original layout.

For individuals who may have Dyslexia, the “OpenDyslexic” font helps to ground the words and increase readability. When choosing a “Color theme”, the "Grey" theme works well for contrasting.

Capti for iPhone & iPad

  1. In order to customize the text, open the text and tap the "A" icon in the bottom_left corner of the screen.
  2. Text view options will appear. Here you can customize font, font size, and color theme.

Capti for Windows, Mac & Web

  • In order to customize the text, click the "T" icon in the toolbar in the top of the screen. Text view options will appear.
  • There are no specific numerical font sizes. Use the icons in the bottom_right corner of the screen to zoom the content in and out as needed. Command/Ctrl Plus and Command/Ctrl Minus will zoom the entire Capti webpage in and out as well.
  • In order to hide the playlist sidebar, click the arrow on its side.

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