Manual Management of Large Accounts

Creating new a Location

If your organization account is large (e.g. a district or a major educational institution) or if you are a specialist that works across multiple sites or groups, you may need to split your students, teachers and contents into separate groups or Locations. For example, if your Capti account was created for a school district, each school in the district can be assigned to a separate Location. Each Playllist and Class is assigned to one specific Location while students and faculty can be assigned to multiple locations.A member will utilize 1 license regardless of the number of Locations they are registered in.

By default, every new organization account is created with 1 Location. Users with an Administrator role can create additional locations by going to Admin Locations and clicking New Location.

To change your current location click the Account button in the top-right, then click Switch Location, select a new location and click Save.

Adding members to a Location

If the members you are trying to add are in a different Location then

  1. Switch to the location to which you want to add members by clicking Account Switch Location
  2. In the top bar click Admin Members. A list of all members of your organization will appear.
  3. Click Enroll Enroll Members from Another Location... in the top-right corner of the screen.
    table with members
  4. Click Add next to the names of people you want to add.
  5. Click Done when finished.

If members you are trying to add are not in another Location, then follow instructions for adding new member accounts to the organization.

Removing members from a Location

To remove one member from your current location go to Admin Members, click on the ... next to the member's name, and select Remove from location....

To remove multiple members from your current location go to Admin Members and click Bulk Action Remove from location.... Note that only members you have permission to remove will be removed.

To remove one or more members from another location first make sure to switch the current location by going to Account Switch Location. If your organization account has only 1 registered location you will not see this option in the menu.

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