Grading an Assignment

Step 1Assign Grades

Once the assignment is collected all the multiple-choice and spelling questions for which you specified the maximum number of points will be graded automatically. Questions without max points and open-ended questions must be graded manually. In general you don't have to grade every question in the assignment, but if you do want to change grades here is what you do:

  1. Open the sidebar with assignments, open the Finished tab and enter the assignment you want to grade.
  2. Click the Answers tab
  3. Click an arrow next to student name you want to grade
  4. Click an arrow next to question you want to grade
  5. Fill in the grade in textbox in the bottom of the question
  6. Continue to the same question for next student, or to the next question for the same student
Grade open-ended questions manually

Step 2Publish, Export, or Archive

Once the assignment is graded you have several options:

  • Option 1: Publish the assignment if you want the students to see the grades (if it is hidden). Open the assignment, click magic wand button in the top-right corner and select Publish.
  • Option 2: Archive the assignment if you have no intention of publishing the results to students, but want to keep the assignment for your records. Open the assignment, click magic wand button in the top-right corner and select Archive. You can find the archived assignments in the Archived tab.
  • Option 3: Export the assignment to a file if you want to keep it for your records or provide it to students in paper form. Open the assignment, click three dots button in the top-right corner and select Export assignment....
  • Option 4: do nothing. The assignment will stay in the Finished tab, published or hidden from the students, until you decide what to do with it.

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